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Monday, August 31, 2009

I feel random, oh so random...

Did you know it is possible to feed a family of 5 a delish meal of Chinese food for only$15 and still have leftovers? Yeah, it really is.

They now send AARP cards out at 50 yrs of age. My hubby got his over the weekend...bwahahahahaha. I have so much ammo now.

While my MIL has been out of town on her big trip, I've been driving my BIL to his physical therapy and doctor's appointments. I have actually thoroughly enjoyed this because we've gotten a chance to really talk. My BIL is a pretty cool guy.

It is so nice having neighbors/friends that you can rely on to trade school pick up duty with.

I mailed out packages to Murgdan, Jen, Beautiful Mess, WiseGuy, battynurse, Mary from Cross Stitch Crazy, and my cousin. Some of these packages have been waiting a while to be mailed. I am so glad I finally got my shit together. I still have packages for GeekByMarriage, Infertility Rocks, and Arian waiting to be mailed. I also need to mail the memory quilt project.

This weekend was a bitch. I had a migraine that lasted over 24 hours. It wasn't the most painful one I've ever had but it just wouldn't go away. Vic's knee was hurting the whole time too. Fucking weather fronts...grrrrrr!

Marty is a great kid. It is so wonderful having a 12 yr old you can trust to watch the younger kids for short periods of time. Marty has really grown into a fabulous young man and has been such a big help lately.

There is a cool new series called Ultimate Cake Off starting on TLC tonight. I can't wait. I bet we will see some real cake wrecks as well as some Sunday Sweets.

Joey absolutely LOVES his teacher this year. He has come home everyday saying what a good time he had.

Gabe thinks every time I sit down at the computer that I need to play *"the Ghost game". I'm amused by his obsession but ti does get old when he thinks I need to play it 1000 times a day.

I made Joey laugh this morning when I referred to the man that delivers the "mail" between the schools and the central office as the mail delivery dude. I love his laugh.

So, what's going on with y'all today?

* also known as Ms. Pacman.


niobe said...

What I'm doing today: Sitting. Waiting. Holding my breath.

Sheliza said...

I love your random post except the migraine part :( I just made some kick-ass salmon in a honey mustard cilantro and garlic glaze that would make Bobby Flay slap his momma!

Sandy said...

I love this about Chinese food. It's so...abundant! Today I have to go teach all day. I'm up with Oscar early and it's going to be a looooong day. I'm already looking forward to the three-day weekend, and it's only Monday.

battynurse said...

sorry about the migraine. They suck so bad.
Today, I'm getting ready to leave for Vegas!!

Anonymous said...

Having a hard time getting my ass off the couch today. I have washing and a new cross stitch project. It has been 3 months since my Mom has passed away. Just feeling down today.

Barb said...

My hubby actually got something about, "Now that you are eligible for AARP" when he turned 33. Um. random.

Aunt Becky said...

"cake off?" AWESOME. I'm IN.

Beautiful Mess said...

WEEEEEEEEE I'm gonna get a package! Oh I'm SO excited. Every time I see the mail truck, I'll be running outside..hehehe

Ooohhh a new cake show?! YAY! I'll have to remind it so I don't forget!

I'm sittin on my ass because I some HOW messed up my foot *sigh*

Have a GREAT day!

Anonymous said...

fucking weather fronts indeed...I feel you with the weather-front migraines

Speaking of weather, on our end, it's been unseasonably cool. You'd almost think we didn't have another two months of summer to go.

Wishing 4 One said...

I miss good chinese food. i make it at home now. cairo has a few places but I am scared to try honestly. i love your random posts!

'Murgdan' said...

Ooooh thank you thank you thank you! The package arrived today! I love it! :-)

GeekByMarriage said...


WiseGuy said...

What did I do today?

Used my off to get some shopping done, and am likely to watch a movie start to end!

Am so glad that your BIL is such a cool person, ans I am so wanting the weekend to not repeat itself for you!

Meari said...

Haha... Yeah, I knew AARP sends the cards out at 50. My boss got his last year. Hee Hee.

I used to love Ms. Pacman!