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Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Many Styles of Victor Cruz

The other night, I was in the bathroom giving Gabe a bath and Vic came into the bedroom to change his shirt. Right after he pulled the old shirt off I looked out and cracked up. T-shirt removal did a serious job on Vic's hair. See, my husband has decided that he needs to grow his hair out. I think he's having flashbacks to the 70s and earlier.
I call this the Nick Nolte mug shot look.
I was so amused by the first hair disaster that I broke out the brush and started playing with Vic's hair. I must say he was an extremely good sport and I was very amused by it all. Here are the many styles of Victor Cruz (with his permission)...
This is the Flock of Seagulls look.
The Sumo top knot
Sumo top knot side view.

But, then I decided the Sumo top knot was missing something. Hmmmm, what could it need? I think it needs chop sticks.
I'm still trying to convince him to wear the chopsticks to work. So, which hairstyle do you think is best for laughs?