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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Forever In My Heart, Never In My Arms

Today, October 15th, is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. Today, I remember 8 little beings I never got to meet...8 babies my husband and I created in love...8 babies who never drew a breath.
  • 9/9/94 pregnancy ended at about 8 weeks, D&C
  • 12/8/99 miscarriage confirmed at about 5 weeks. They called it a chemical pregnancy but I fucking hate that term.
  • 11/11/02 loss confirmed at 10+ weeks, D&C
  • 2/12/03 loss between 5 and 6 weeks
  • 4/15/03 loss confirmed at about 11 weeks, D&C
  • 11/24/03 loss between 5 and 6 weeks
  • 6/17/04 had been on progesterone suppositories, saw heartbeat and fetal pole at 6 weeks; our little girl, Eva, dies at 8 weeks; found out at 9 weeks; D&C one day later
  • 1/13/05 loss at about 5 week
Many of my friends have lost babies too. If you have a baby you would like remembered, Aunt Becky and Band Back Together are hosting Walls of Remembrance. Click on either or both of those links and have your babies added. Even if you haven't lost a baby, please join us in remembering these little ones who never got a chance to really live...
As Aunt Becky said so eloquently,

Dona nobis pacem.
(give us peace) Lord, give us peace.