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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Regularly Scheduled Blogging To Return After This Vent

Money problems fucking suck.  More specifically, working your ass off, cutting all corners you can cut, and still living paycheck to paycheck and one disaster away from financial catastrophe suck. Like all government workers, my husband hasn't received a pay raise (not even a cost of living raise) in three years. On top of that, our medical insurance has gone up, our grocery bill has gone up 50% in the past year (and that's with cutting back and going generic on everything we can), and, God knows, gas has gone way up. It is killing our budget. We don't use credit cards, so no debt there. But, because of our fridge disaster earlier this year and the emergency vet bill for Freddy we had to pay off, we are behind on normal bills. If we could just catch it up, we'd have everything covered but trying to find extra to catch up is hard when everything costs so much right now.

My mom is going to be the principal of a new private school next year and she asked me if I was interested in teaching art 1 1/2 days a week. Those 1 1/2 days plus a small gas stipend would be worth $175 a week. On the surface, it sounds like the solution to our problem. But, the school is 70 miles away. Given the shitty gas mileage my aging van gets, it would take a full tank of gas to make those two round trips each week reducing take home to approximately $100...and that's not even accounting for the wear and tear on my van. The schedule is doable but just barely when you factor in school schedules for my 3 kids but it would totally blow up in my face if anyone was running late one morning. Damn it, why can't her school be her in town? The sad fact of the matter is that I've been out of the work force for 12 years and, with the levels of unemployment, it makes it incredibly hard to find any type of job that would work around the kids' school schedule (and that is a MUST because child care is scary expensive around here). And, honestly, I'm a bit worried about me not being 100% available with Marty re-entering school after the hellacious time he had before.

The other option is for Vic to find a third shift part time job. Remember, he works nights and, since he works 12 hour shifts, he works 7 nights every two weeks. Vic says he is willing but this scares me. His diabetes is just getting under control and the thought of him over working himself scares me to death.

Of course, Vic and his two (bio)siblings inherited a piece of property in Puerto Rico. If it selss, whatever money they get will be split three ways and, because of Puerto Rican inheritance laws, it will be TAX FREE. But, of course, thanks to the fucked up economy recession depression we are in, nothing is moving in the real estate market down there.

Honestly y'all, it frustrates the hell out of me that we scrimp and save and still have these issues. I know others have it a lot worse. Vic has a job, we have insurance, we have a roof over our heads...I just wish we didn't have to struggle to pay for the essentials. If you mad it this far, thanks for listening to my rant and thanks for letting me get it off my chest. And, if any of you come across a spare million bucks, did I tell you about the hole in my pocket and the money that fell out?


TravelDiva said...

Oh, I hear ya. Just fugging sucks. I just went back to work to bring in some moolah while my husbands contracts kick in...and I'm a little peeved about it.

Is it possible to take up something local - real close to home - even retail, just to get some breathing room and be avail for the kids. While my ego was/is a little bruised going back to field sales after 13 yrs; I figured if it took some pressure off I could do this for a short stint.

Hang in there. Exhale.

AnotherDreamer said...

Oh hun, sorry to hear about how tight things are... but man, so I totally feel it too. It really really sucks.

I agree with TravelDiva, any possible part time local work? Even so, I know, that's not much :(

Meredith said...

I am SO sorry; it's so stressful and I wish that gov't employees were treated better. We are broke and we're about to find out if we have to stay in our expensive city or if we can move back to the south.

I have long admired your crafting; I wish you could charge for in-home quilting or cross-stitch lessons or sell some of your work on Etsy. I wonder if a local craft, fabric, or even scrap booking store would be hiring on a very PT basis.

AnnaMarie said...

I so hear you!

It sucks that if you took that job as an art teacher (which sounds awesome!) that your income may not be increased enough to be worth it.

Sheliza said...

Oh gosh, I totally understand it does SUCK! I tell ya, how the hell are we all going to make it? I don't even have health insurance so God forbid anything happen... Have you thought about applying to be a substitute teacher? The pay sucks but at least you can work school hours and you can choose if you want to take the job or not. Just a thought. I wish you the best!

Lynn said...

Oh, Sweetie! (((Hugs))) I wish I had it to give to you. When we win the lottery we don't play, I'm definitely dishing out a bit to my favourite people online! (I really need to start by a ticket for the Redneck Pension Plan - aka Mega Millions).

I can relate. We're still trying to get caught up after The Hubs' 16 months of unemployment and, even though he's been back in work for a little over a year, we scrimp and save and it takes most everything we make just to live (particularly since the job he had to take was so far below his qualifications). Throw in IF treatment and our money is gone before we even make it!

It's a real pity we can't write a television or movie script based on our lives and make a killing from that. It would solve a lot of our problems!

Now, when to buy that lottery ticket.....?

Meari said...

Yep, unfortunately you're not alone. Or, fortunately since you're not alone, lol. Lots of people are living on edge so to speak. I can totally empathize. I'm a single person household whose hours were cut last year. In the snap of a finger, I could lose everything. It stinks.

Meari said...

P.S. It's just not government employees who are treated like that.

Jen said...

I'm so there with you. Every time it seems like we are at the point of being caught up something happens and we're back at square 1.

MrsSpock said...

I'd be happy to give a one on one lesson in couponing if you already aren't into it.

St Elsewhere said...

Oh that is bad. Money issues suck. Money is not everything, but the lack of it is very painful.

If I get a million dollars anywhere, I will definitely consider you.

Isn't there any short time thing available in your city? Library, some 7/11 or such thing? Something that can afford you a little extra of the green?

Anonymous said...

Hey hon,
Just catching up after a couple of insane days. I'm so sorry about your frustration! I totally get it! My hubby and I were there a few months ago but we managed to get through it with a few smart little changes. I'm actually kind of good with this stuff, so if you feel like it, drop me an email and I'll help you dig in and find places to cut costs and make some extra cash if needed (as a work-at-home I have some tricks of the trade). seriously - I'm only an email away and I rock at this stuff!

Quiet Dreams said...

So sorry, Kristin. I also have a very tight budget and freak out at any little setback. (Hello? Car with over 200k miles!)

battynurse said...

I hear you. I'm doing better now but have truly had some rough times with finances and know how horrible it can be. I hope things are starting to look up some.