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Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

After seeing all the fun people were having with Friday Night Leftovers (hosted by the lovely Danifred of Sippy Cups Are Not For Starbucks), I decided I had to join in.

I got the recipe for Thai Chicken Burgers from the lovely TravelDiva. Click on the link and it will take you to her post with the recipe.
I HATE with a mad passion websites with music embedded in them. It's a little tolerable if there is a playlist that a reader can turn off but the websites that play the music endlessly with no way to turn it off...they get banned from my bookmarks. Does anyone else feel this way?
Le sigh...Gabe really is growing up. I registered him for kindergarten and he actually walked one of the dogs (as in held the leash all by himself) when we went for a walk the other day. I was so sure I'd have another little one by now and, as time passes, that becomes less and less likely. I guess I'll just savor the moments with Gabe.
There are wildfires near the NC coast right now. They are putting off enough smoke that it is affecting the air quality here in the Triangle.When Vic was at work the other day, this lady actually called 911 to find out what was causing the smoke in the air around here...not report a fire, not report the presence of heavy smoke, no, to ASK why there was smoke in the air. When Vic told her it was from the wildfires, she got uptight and a bit indignant and said "Well, is it safe for adults and babies to breather?" Stupid twit...nothing can be done about it. We can't install a ginormous fan to blow the smoke back to the coast. If you are worried about it, turn on your air conditioning and STAY INSIDE. Don't bug the 911 dispatchers about it.
Found a great goulash recipe but I couldn't bring myself to make it in the microwave like it called recommended. I doubled the recipe and the only changes I made were leaving out the caraway seeds, substituting Rotel (diced tomatoes with peppers) instead of the plain diced tomatoes, and added one tsp of basil.
We were watching Bones this week and the show ended with them singing You put the lime in the coconut. Afterwards, Vic started singing it and said..."You put the lime in the coconut and then it turns British." I gave him my best What the fuck look and he said "well, that makes it Limey." UGH...sadly, Marty thought it was hysterical.


Anonymous said...

Hey I think the limey joke is hilarious too. But then again, I live in a house that thrives a bit too much on silly puns, so I'm not much of an example. :-P

Jen said...

I registered Bean for Kindergarten yesterday, of course I had none of the required things lol...totally agree with music embeded. we are one of a few wedding photography sites that don't even have on song...most times the bride is browsing at work, they don't need the music calling attention to them. haha on the joke.

Danifred said...

I thought I was the only one who hated the embedded music. It makes me crazy and will get a website/ blog banned!!!
Glad you joined us this week :)

April said...

I HATE people that call 911 for NON emergencies! I mean, really, how stupid can they be?!?!

And another person here who definitely doesn't like embedded music. Ugh

St Elsewhere said...

Ha Ha Ha@ the last para of Vic's inpromptu singing.

And is smoke safe? Vic should have said, "Yes, we have fortified it with antioxidants and calcium, stupid lady."

I hate those kind of websites too.

(P.S. I am not that upset about stupid people calling emergency services, I am more offended at people making prank calls or reporting false incidents.)

Meari said...

I'm one that has a music player so I guess I don't mind, lol. I usually have my speakers muted anyway so I never know if there's music or not.

I'm going to check out those Thai burgers. Were they good?