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Thursday, September 25, 2008

6 Quirky (or just plain weird) Things About Me

I rarely do memes but I got tagged by flickrlovr and my kids *fried the few brain cells I have left so here goes...

  • Link to the person that tagged you
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  • Share 6 non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
  • Tag 6 people at the end of your post by linking to their blog
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  1. It drives me crazy when someone doesn't completely erase a board (blackboard, dry erase, whatever). Its not that I mind if something is purposely left on a board. What bothers me is when someone erases in order to write or draw something new and they leave part of a letter or picture behind.
  2. I am very laid back about most things but I hate it when my cross stitch bobbins are not wound neatly. I am so anal when I wind my bobbins of cross stitch floss that they look like they were wound by a machine. Having my bobbins of floss lay nice and flat and in order makes me happy.
  3. I can NOT stand to have my bed covers loose and gathered around my feet. I want the sheet pulled fairly taut across my feet.
  4. I have piles of shirts and shorts neatly folded on the glider in my room because I didn't take the time to put them away. I mean how ridiculous is that. It only takes a few minutes more to put them in the drawer...but I fold them perfectly.
  5. I can handle a fair amount of chaos and mess but, when I reach my breaking point, I snap and I am totally fanatical about cleaning that room floor to ceiling.
  6. When I have read or studied things, I can tell you whether an item is on the left page or right page. I can tell you the general spot on the page the info is on. But, I have been known to completely blank on the actual info.
I'm going to tag Velda, Henny, Rebel, Beautiful Mess, Katrina, and MiPa.

*my brain is so fried that I had to retype parts of this post two and three times to get the spelling correct


Velda said...

1,2,5 and 6 apply to me too lol

MrsSpock said...

I HATE having the bottom sheet tucked in.

Beautiful Mess said...

I filled it out! Thanks for tagging me! I SO wish I was more fanatical about cleaning. I am THE worst houseiwve EVER! Oh I also must have my feet out of the covers, if my feet can't "breath", I can't sleep. Have a GREAT!

nancy said...

Ah - I totally fold all my laundry but putting it away is a totally different matter :)


flickrlovr said...

You're fast! Thanks for playing :)

1, 3, 4, and 6 all apply to me too...I HATE it when my sheets are all discombobulated and untucked around my feet, or there's too much sheet at the top of the bed by my head and I can feel the lack of sheet at the bottom. I will physically get up, turn on the light, and remake the whole bed just so I can get my sheets right! And the whole not-erasing-completely thing DRIVES ME BATTY. I'm in school, and have a few professors who never fail to miss big chunks of words/diagrams/what have you when they're erasing...I have to bite my tongue so I don't burst out with "YOU MISSED A SPOT!"

It was really fun to read these! Thanks!


(I wouldn't put my URL except that clicking on my name will only lead you to my old Blogger blog!)

Katrina said...

I am getting right on that! It has been a LONG, tiring day pre-move. And I totally agree with #1,2,4,and 5.

Katrina said...

It's up! If it makes sense, it will be a miracle...

Photogrl said...

4 & 5 are me to a T! Only I leave the perfectly folded clothes in the laundry basket...

Thanks for visiting my blog...I heart ICLW!

Meari said...

LOL, I so enjoyed reading this.

1. I agree! It’s distracting and makes things written on top hard to read.

2. Amen! LOL, I bought a container of wound floss on eBay one time and it was wound sooooo messy that I re-wound it all so it was neat and flat, as you say. I’m with ya.

3. I normally “cocoon” up in my blankets. I have to have them tucked in around me. LOL

4. Right now, I have mine folded neatly in a basket. They’ve been there for a week!

5. Gee... we’re so alike, it’s kinda scary. When I get to *that* point, I have to clean everything!

6. Me too! Like when I took my test in PM this week… I *knew* where the info was ON the page of my notes, not necessarily WHAT the info was. Eeek.

The Hultman's said...

Funny! I relate on a few of those. Especially the sheet thing :)

Thanks for visiting my blog a few days ago!


Anonymous said...

I fold my clothes all the time but NEVER put them away... the way I think of it, I'm only going to wear them again very soon, so why bother? :)

Ken's choice said...

I have not piles but certainly some clothes folded up nicely to be ironed, but it's getting that Ironing board out what stops me.
and I find that if you fold them nice and tidy and put them on top of each other, the bottom ones are always ready to put back on again.!