"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. " -Helen Keller

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What The Fuck Wednesday: Car Edition

Have you ever had a moment when you see something that makes you and everyone around you say "What The Fuck?" Rys and I had one of those moments today. We had stopped by the kids' school to drop something off and, as we turned the van to leave the parking lot, we saw something and looked at each other and said "What the fuck?" Literally, I said "What the fuck?" and then we followed what we saw until we could get a picture.

What was it we saw? It was a car...
a car with what appeared to be Yves St. Laurent wall paper or wrapping paper wrapped around it's lower half
see, it really is the Yves St. Laurent symbol
and, to really drive home the what the fuck moment, the car had humongous chrome rims. My God, it was even blue on blue...all that cheap decoration and no visual punch to be had.

What have you seen lately that made you say "What the fuck?"