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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Tales of the Traveling *B.O.B.

I know there have been many times I've raved to you about EdenFantasys. They have a truly amazing selection of adult toys and are super, super discreet with their packaging and shipping. I also adore them because they are incredibly savvy when it comes to social media and love to work with bloggers.

I'm sure y'all also remember when I wrote about the EdenFantasys BlogHer '11 party and ran a giveaway with it. Well, that giveaway led me to develop a whole new appreciation for the discretion and careful packaging that EdenFantasys uses.

During my last EdenFantasys post, I was able to giveaway a couple of sweet vibrators, the Tantus Little Secret and the Envy vibe, from the collection of EdenFantasys swag I brought home with me. I had heard some people had problems with their Envy vibe working so I decided to pop in a set of batteries and flip the switch (and then put it right back in the box). I was trying to be a good giveaway host. I didn't want the winner to get a dud gift.

Well, once I figured out which way the batteries went in, the vibe for the giveaway would turn on. I decided I would just leave the batteries in and switch it off. I figured the box insert (molded to fit the vibe) would keep it from turning on (especially since you had to rotate the base to turn it on). I put all the goodies including the traveling B.O.B. into a flat rate priority mail box and shipped it off. I asked the winner to let me know when it arrived and I got this email...
Hey Kristin,

The package has landed, and I have the most hilarious story to go with it! Apparently one of the vibes turned on inside the package at some point during shipping. When I came home the package was sitting in front of my door buzzing and vibrating. Bwahahahahaha!

Thank you again for the fun giveaway... and the laughs. :D

So, EdenFantasys, thanks a million for the fun and laughs and huge kudos for your discreet and QUIET packaging.

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

*B.O.B. = Battery Operated Boyfriend