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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Vortex

You know that great sucking sound y'all have been hearing from somewhere in North Carolina? That sound that sounds disturbingly like something being sucked into a vortex...well, that has been my performance on this months ICLW. Y'all, I swear I really meant to do better. When I signed up, I didn't realize we would be going out of town for my niece's birthday and that I would be so wipe out when we got back. Honestly, I feel like I've been a total disappointment this month.

(back to writing over an hour later) Oh yeah, I was writing a post about how lame I've been and then my lameness cranks up a few more notches (does that mean my lameness is over achieving?) and I get distracted by all these blogs I should have been reading for the past 5 days and I forget I'm in the middle of apologizing. Damn. Oh yeah, oops. I just remembered how I got distracted. I was looking through my blogroll for a link I wanted to pass on to y'all.
Ummmm, trying to focus here. I have a few shout out I wanna mention...
  1. HUGE congrats to the awesome and incredible Calliope! She is a finalist in the 2010 BlogHer Voices of the Year awards.
  2. A big, big thank you going out to Fertility Chick for the beautiful necklace I won in her giveaway. I also adore the socks she sent me with the necklace.
  3. I just read a most incredible book called The House on Teacher's Lane by Rachel Simon. I'll be writing a review shortly but wanted to thank Cecily for putting me in touch with the people sending the books out to be reviewed. It is a seriously outstanding book.
  4. I also want to send a HUGE thank you and a damn you look amazing shout out to the Batty Nurse! She sent me the sweetest gift and I forgot to tell y'all about it. Thanks and love you sweetie!
  5. If you are plus-sized, get your ass in gear and get thee to an Avenue...either brick and mortar or online at Avenue.com. They have some great clothes on sale. Also, in addition to that cute black dress I showed you a few posts ago, I scored a great deal on some shoes at their brick and mortar store (5 pairs for only $45).
Thanks to my dear friend Kristi, I have almost caught up with technology. Yes folks, I am the proud owner of a shiny red crackberry. If you're going to be at BlogHer or if I know you and love you, shoot me an email or leave me a comment and we can exchange numbers.
And, lastly but not leastly (hehe), I have to share a quick but funny Gabe story. Earlier today when Joey had friends over, he had me doing something for him on the 'puter. When I finished, I called out for him (so I could show him how to do it for himself next time). He didn't answer and I said "Where is my twit child?" Gabe, who was standing nearby, turned around and said "I'm right here."

*PS...please forgive the scattered nature of this post. Sadly, I can't blame it on recreational substances or pregnancy. I have to fess up and blame it on my brain still being awake at 3:30 am (and, from the time stamp on this post you can see how distracted I got earlier).


JW Moxie said...

How DARE you sit there and call yourself LAME! Not cool. You are probably the least lame bloggers...PEOPLE that I know! You wanna talk about lame? The ghost town over on my blog is LAME! :)

I'm so excited that you're going to BH. When you get home afterward, I want a full-length, blow-by-blow phone call in which you give me every spankin' detail!

Shelly- Mom Files said...

You got so much going on girl! I am impressed with your shoe deal. WOW. I love that Gabe is the Twit, too funny and he never fails to entertain. Congrats on the new crackberry. What would we do without our devices? :)

Wishing 4 One said...

This post was awesome, you should be "lame" more often. I felt every twist and turn as I read this. But I have to agree with my girl Kym, you are SO THE LEAST lamest blogger, you are so THE FULL FORCE in yo face blogger/commentor/crafter/reviewer/friend/mam etc etc. xoxoxo

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Ummm lame? You? NEVER! Ease up on yourself, and get some sleep!

Gabe is hilarious! Just love that kid.

theworms said...

You are not lame! You're awesome cutie. I love when you stop by.

Reading my books and will make my goal this year :)


btw - love the harry potter countdown, i can't wait :)

Quiet Dreams said...

I actually think the sucking sound is coming from my blog, as I think I'm ICLWing in name only. If I had known I would feel so crappy (due to recovering from surgery) I never would have signed up.

Kakunaa said...

You are not lame! Stop that. I am having a bitch of a time keeping up with the regular blogroll and ICLW. Very difficult. You are, as always, amazing.

battynurse said...

Thanks for the mention. Sorry I missed you on face book.
I just got myself a crackberry too. Mine is pretty purple. I hope you have lots of fun at blogher.
LOL to Gabe's response.

AnotherDreamer said...

You are not lame :P You are fantastically AWESOME- for the record ;)

I'm with the other commenter about the HP counter... can not wait. Getting antsy! Sorry... I'm just so excited for it lol.

Lollipop Goldstein said...

You are a titanium commenter, and titanium commenters are never lame.