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Monday, July 19, 2010

EdenFantasys Review: The Serenity by Evolved Novelties NSFW

The wonderful folks over at Eden Fantasys gave me a chance to try out a brand new adult toy and all I had to do in return was review it for you my loyal readers. Yes, I was compensated for this review with the gift of the toy I'm reviewing. I quickly jumped at the chance and, after much deliberation, I decided I wanted to try out The Serenity by Evolved Novelties. The folks at Eden Fantasys are super quick with shipping and their packaging is extremely discrete (a USPS box and label from Web Merchants Inc). Luckily, I'd been warned how discrete the packaging is so I didn't end up opening this in front of the kids. There is a lot of good about this vibrator and, for me, some not so good.

The Good: You only need 2 AA batteries to power the super strong vibrations of The Serenity. Yes, with only two itty bitty AA batteries, this vibe can rock your world with the two egg shaped motors it encloses. The two motors ensure you feel strong vibrations from both the tip of the shaft and from the clitoral stimulator.

Not So Good: Like I said, the vibrations are extremely strong...good against the clitoris but not so good internally. For me, the vibrations from the shaft didn't seem directed towards the g-spot like you would want but the shaft vibrations seemed to be felt towards the rear vaginal wall and were distracting from the pleasure give by the clitoral stimulator. Sadly, the two motors in this vibe didn't have separate controls (one push button operates the whole shebang) and I think that would have been a definite plus.

Personal Observations: I think this vibe is definitely one that works better when used with your partner. The portion that extends outside of the body is a bit short and, for anyone a bit larger (whether from extra fluff or from pregnancy), this makes it difficult to hold in the desired position without major contortions. Also, if you are very large chested like me, the short external portion makes it more necessary to lift your breasts out of the way before reaching down to position the vibrator. Finally, as I said before, the strong shaft vibrations were distracting for me. It was much easier to achieve a good orgasm using The Serenity externally rather than internally. For me, The Serenity is probably only worth about 3 out of 5 stars.

I think I'll be sticking with my tried and true B.O.B., The Pearl Panther by Cal Exotics, which Eden Fantasys also carries. The fact that The Pearl Panther has a shaft that rotates against your g-spot instead of vibrating against it plus the longer external portion (easier to reach and position it by yourself) move its orgasms from good to truly toe-curling and mind-bending. It also has the added benefit of having separate button controls for the clitoral vibrator and the rotating shaft. You can totally customize your orgasmic experience with The Pearl Panther. It definitely rates a 5 out of 5 for me.

The people at Eden Fantasys are fantastic and they have a mind-boggling array of sex toys available. Anyone can find the toy to meet their needs if they just look.