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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well, my knee is worse than they originally thought.

The swelling is down but I still can't straighten it out all the way and I can't comfortable bend it past about 90 degrees. The preliminary verdict is torn cartiledge. The only way to confirm this diagnosis prior to arthroscopic surgery on the knee is to do an MRI...and, I can't have an MRI for 2 months. Why two months you ask. Well, thats becasue they won't do an MRI during the first trimester of pregnancy. Thats right, I saw that second line. Its faint but it is there...and its there by the three minutes you have to give the test to run. I honestly don't know what possesed me to test last night. I honestly thought I was getting ready to greet the hated AF. I'm not even due to start until tomorrow. I wouldn't even be late until Thursday. I know I'm rambling but I think I'm in shock...not to mention scared shitless. I started my Lovenox today and I' have an u/s scheduled for January 25th.


sweetisu said...

Congratulations and good luck on the 25th! I'm scheduled for the 25th as well.

p.s. ouch. hope that knee gets better soon.


chris said...

Congratulations. Let me know how everything is going. Will the doc in CH be your ob/gyn?

Julianna said...

That is so fantastic!! OMG!!!!

You and Sandy got the double line on the same day! Wow.

I hope that helps your knee a bit.

Kristin said...

Thanks ladies. Its nice knowing I'm not alone here in bloggerland...LOL.

Chris...I will be staying with my original OB here in Burlington. He's the one whose given me the scripts and really stuck with me through this. Its a truly fabulous practice to work with (I mean they even sent me sympathy card after my D&Cs). The doc I went to in Chapel Hill was just a hematologist.