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Friday, April 02, 2010

Photo Friday: My Sinks

Calliope over at Creating Motherhood has restarted her wonderful Photo Friday. This weeks theme is your sink or your tub. I took these two cool pics...
my bathroom sink
my kitchen sink
Go check out everyone's photos this week.


Alana said...

Catching up BIG time, so excuse my lengthy comment, please!...

--Broken crockpot story and pics made me giggle.

--I admire you for homeschooling! I don't think I can DO middle school math, let alone try to teach someone else. You go!

--Amazing that you were able to connect with Patrisi's family due to the amazing wonder of the Internet and the cool pic you posted!

--The scarf and dog you made are lovely!

--Only $60 to get to Blogher??!?! Amazing bus rate!

--Peacock/mohawk joke made me laugh out loud. Hehee!

--But I really lost it with the gnome/dwarf/census taker story. Holy crap! Can't believe he didn't call the authorities. Must have been terrified!

--The digging pics of your boys were great! (I too always thought I'd make it to China if I dug deep enough...)

--Yay for lovely weather and spring blossoms!

--Nice sink pics.

Caught up now. Whew! I LOVE that you post everyday, soooo impressed!

Wishing 4 One said...

Those shots are awesome! The water wow.

WiseGuy said...

Nice shots: especially the first one....

Good job, K!

Beautiful Mess said...

Beautiful pictures! The first one is really cool. Nice work.