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Thursday, April 08, 2010

An invitation to all my friends...

I'm sure y'all have noticed the button right over on the top of the right column...the one for the Ultimate Blog Party. Well, I guess the best way of explaining it is to call it a giant blog hop...or for those of you from the ALI community, it's a lot like ICLW. This wonderful event is a week long (STARTS TOMORROW) and is hosted by the fabulous Susan and Janice of 5MinutesForMom. Come join the fun!

I know a lot of you who are in the throes of battling infertility are probably cringing at being surrounded by mom/family blogs. Well, be assured that there are blogs that you can enjoy too. Not all blogs are mom oriented and there are a lot of blogs that focus on other things like crafts, food, fashion, etc, etc. And, THERE ARE PRIZES. Yours truly is offering a small lap/kid sized afghan in the prize giveaway over there.

All you have to do to join in the fun is sign in under the main Ultimate Blog Party post that goes up tomorrow over at 5MinutesForMom. Whose going to join me?

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Days Like These by Tanyetta said...

prizes? i love prizes! thank you for the tip.