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Saturday, April 17, 2010

If you know a child, love a child, or have a child, PLEASE READ

My friend Rys brought this to my attention and I'm cross posting it here...

If you've ever bought a toy for a child, chances are it was from Fisher-Price or Mattel. You may not be aware of a massive recall of many popular toys in 2007 due to lead paint. While I was aware of the recall, I was shocked to see which toys (and how many of them) were part of this recall. This has now turned into a class action lawsuit, which Mattel is settling. To see exactly which toys are in this recall, what dates are affected and what to do about it, visit the Mattel Settlement website. Think this isn't a big deal? I'd like to share just some of the character series involved:

Dora the Explorer
Diego (Go Diego Go!)
Sesame Street
Blues Clues
Geo Trax
Polly Pocket
and MORE

Rys's daughter is a huge Dora/Diego fan. She literally rummaged through her toy box last night, pulling out toy after toy affected in this recall. Maybe you're the type that don't like to participate in class action lawsuits. Rys is not either, but PLEASE at least view the affected toys so you can GET RID OF THEM. A great number of these toys cater to small children, who stick everything in their mouths. Rys's daughter was tested for lead levels a few years ago, and she was shocked when the results said her levels were high. She and her husband combed through their house thinking it could be paint in the house or something. Now that she'se read this it makes her think otherwise.

PLEASE don't brush this aside. Please look at the affects of lead poisoning. Considering young children are at high risk, and the fact that MANY of these toys are for this very age group is scary!


MrsSpock said...

Just checked and J doesn't have any of these toys- though it spooks me still. Wonder what will be recalled next.

Beautiful Mess said...

That's so scary! I hope her daughter is alright. Thanks for passing it on.

*Tanyetta* said...

OH no!!! I had NO idea. THank You for this info.