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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Headache And The Award

I originally had great plans for this in depth and wonderful post today. It ain't gonna happen. I woke up when my husband's alarm went off and my head felt like it was going to fall off. I knew I needed to get up and take some meds but instead I rolled over and went back to sleep. An hour later when my alarm went off, my head was still hurting. I had a migraine that was seriously kicking my ass. 2 vicodin, 4 motrin, a bunch of caffeine, and 7 hours later, I feel semi-human. Semi-human is NOT sufficient to write an in depth post. Instead, I'm going to accept and pass on the wonderful award Mrs. Gamgee from Hobbit-ish Thoughts and Ramblings gave me.The rules say I have to say 10 things about myself and then I need to give this award to 10 fellow bloggers.

10 Things About Me:
  1. Once upon a time I dreamed about riding horses on the Grand Prix show circuit. I took riding lessons for quite a while. I started in elementary school and continued (with a break of a few years) through college. I actually spent a while after college training horses with a former United States Equestrian Team member.
  2. I love to bake and I love to cook. Even if I was independently wealthy, I would never hire a chef. I'd hire a housekeeper and a gardener/landscaper but the kitchen would remain my domain.
  3. I love to travel but I hate moving. I never, ever, ever want to move again. However, I would gladly travel the world as long as I could come home to here.
  4. Once, back in high school, I brought a copy of Playgirl magazine to school and passed it around in my classes. Miraculously, I never got caught.
  5. Very few things scare me. The only book I ever read that scared me was James Patterson's Kiss The Girls. It is set in central NC and I could take you to EVERY location described in the book. I worked as a nanny in a neighborhood featured prominently in the book. It scared the shit out of me.
  6. If we ever added on to this house or built a new house here, one room I would insist on having would be a sewing/craft room. I need a place where I can keep my sewing machine set up and a cutting table. I would get so much more made and created if I could keep things set up.
  7. I made my baby sister's prom dress. My mom and sister brought me two patterns and she said "I want the top off this patten and the bottom off this pattern, can you do it?" I was stupid and said yes. I actually managed to pull it off.
  8. I often reach a point with projects when I want it done and I want it done NOW. I usually manage to avoid cutting corners to finish NOW but, sometimes, this need creates more work. That is why I ended up making the buttons for the Christening gown I crocheted.
  9. I am contemplating deconstructing my wedding dress to make something. I don't have a girl to pass it on to. I'm thinking about making a crazy quilt with it and the other formal dresses I have collected over the years. Anyone have any other ideas?
  10. I've decided to expand my design company, Cuppa Joe Designs, beyond cross stitching. I have quilt ideas and crochet pattern ideas. Now, I just have to find the time to do it.
10 of my Sweet Bloggy Friends
  1. Meari over at Meari's Musings
  2. Sheliza at Momfiles.com
  3. Michell from Tales Of A Batty Nurse
  4. Wishy at Wishing4One
  5. Heather over at Geek By Marriage
  6. Jen from In One Ear
  7. D at Life induces thoughts, mostly random
  8. Lynn at Wistful Girl
  9. Ms. Fertility Chick
  10. Lori over at Weebles Wobblog
  11. and, just because I don't follow rules well, Rys from Confessions of a Clutter Queen


nancy said...

Ouch. I hope your headache gets better!

battynurse said...

Why thank you sweet lady.
I hope the headache improves. They suck so bad. I've had a sinus headache all day and it's just sort of sapped me.
I like the idea of a crazy quilt out of your wedding dress and other formal dresses. It sounds like a great plan. I have plans to make a quilt out of all my scrubs that I have when I shrink out of them.
I used to have a craft table and I miss it. I had made it about counter height and it was perfect for cutting fabric etc on. Someday I hope to have a craft room again where I have everything set up.

Lavender Luz said...

Gah. I'm sorry you were struck by a whopper of a headache. Hope you're all better by now.

Thanks for including me in your list! I recognize some and get to meet new peeps!

I envy your sewing and cooking skills.

Meari said...

Ouch, I can relate to the migraines although I don't get them as bad as you. I know if I wake up with one, I'd better take something right away. Glad to hear you're doing better.

Thanks for the award. It's always great reading the little bits about you. :) Kiss the Girls? Is that the one that was made into a movie with Ashley Judd & Morgan Freeman? Cool idea for your wedding dress and formals. I'd be interested to see what you come up with.

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Oh, I hope you're feeling better soon!

I actually have grand plans to have a christening gown made out of my wedding dress. I just need to find a seamstress to do it (I don't know which end is up on a sewing machine).

liQuid heaVen said...
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Wishing 4 One said...

Thanks my sweet southern friend for this award. Kiss the Girls was freaky as shit as a movie, so I bet the book was even better. You are such a great blog friend, and an amazing woman, you are awesome!!! xoxoxoxoxo

(deleted comment above was me, I was signed in to my dads blog as I edit for him, opps.)

Stefanie said...

Congrats on the reward. It's always great to get one....

~Stopping by for ICLW #126

Sheliza said...

Well I sure hope you are feeling better now and thank you so much for the award!! I love your 10 facts and I too love to cook and bake as well as I would HATE to ever have to move again EVER.

MrsSpock said...

I agree with # 2. I hope to fulfill it once we've met our "pay the mortgage off early" goal.

Quiet Dreams said...

I love your quilt idea. You're so creative!

Hope you feel better soon.

Jen said...

thanks. love the quilt idea

JamericanSpice said...

Congrats on your award. It's interesting to read more about you.

Didn't they make that James Patterson book into a movie?

Beautiful Mess said...

Thank you so much for the award! I appreciate it and YOU!. Hope your headache is completely gone by now and never to return.

Heather R. said...

Ty, lover girl!

Lynn said...

Thanks so much Kristin! I'm a little behind on this post, but I hope your headache is better now :D