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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Life is good...

My hubby got the new job. He is now the 911 communications supervisor in Apex, NC. For the first time since his knee injury ended his firefighting career (in Sept '01), he is back at a job he truly loves. Its also nice that he is back at a job that is paying him close to what he is worth. Finances are settling down and a LOT of the money stresses are disappearing.

Over the summer, Marty and Joey both mastered swimming. Marty got good enough that he swam the whole length of the pool. Joey is not quite so far along but he is swimming short distances and is quite proud of himself.

Marty and Joey have started back to school. After a not so great year last year, Marty is enjoying school again. He is actually looking forward to school each day. The poor kiddo had a lot of trouble being the new kid last year. And, the little jerk who decided Marty would be his verbal whipping post didn't make it any easier. Since we got that brat out of Marty's class, life is a lot better. Marty also made me very proud because he stepped forward and made a real effort to great the new girl in his class and make her feel welcome. I'm glad he made the effort to give her a better start to her school year than he had last year.

Joey seems to like his teacher and also seems to be taking school more seriously than he did last year. He even told me he didn't want to be disrespectful like he was (talking a lot and not listening) last year. Joey also just tested for and got his next belt in TKD. Way to go kiddo!

Gabeycakes has grown into my wild child. His vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks to Joey, Gabe's favorite body part to point to is his "butt butt" and he also likes to yell quite loudly about pee pee. Gabe grew to love the pol this summer and would kamikaze off the side to whomever was close enough to catch him. Gabe also never really believed me when I told him he couldn't go in the deep areas alone. Its nice that he isn't scared but it does make it a bit challenging.

I am going to be quite busy this year. Marty never quite clicked with the scout pack we joined here. So, I am helping to restart the cub scout pack affiliated with our church and Marty and Joey will be members. I will be co-leading the Tiger cub pack. And, for the next few months, we will have Tae Kwon Do an average of 3 times a week. Marty is very close to being able to test for his Deputy Black Belt and one of the requirements is attending class 3 times a week. In between all that, I will attempt to keep up with my stitching, play with Gabe, occasionally do house work, and maybe remember to breathe.


Margaret said...


Well I've already told you how happy I am about the job. But a good school year for Marty on top of that? Life is indeed good.

InfertileMadWoman said...

So how is it that I didn't know that you live right down the road from me????? Glad to see you are back!!! Hugs to the kiddo's!!!