"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. " -Helen Keller

Thursday, May 03, 2012

My Not-A-Bucket List

The gorgeous, fantabulous Mo over at Mommy Odyssey prompted me to get off my ass and actually post this list which I've been working on for a while. I don't think I'd really call this a bucket list. Like Mo, this is more a list of hopes and dream and goals...some realistic, others, not so much.

  1. Go sky diving...I've always thought that this sounded like a fabulous adventure...so close to flying.
  2. Fly in a helicopter...I don't know why it seems so important or so different than flying in a plane but I really want to go up in a helicopter.
  3. Get my private pilot's license...the idea of flying just sings to my soul. The freedom, the grace, the beauty just calls to me.
  4. Participate in a NASCAR Racing Experience...I love to drive fast but generally don't because it's not safe on the open roads and the thought of higher insurance rates and tickets is a major deterrent. Years, ago, I once took my car around 110 mph (maybe more) before I started running out of open road. I'd love to be able to go faster than that in a safe, legal environment.
  5. Dogfight in military jets...there are places that civilians can learn to fly and then they go up with an experience pilot (usually retired military) and get to dogfight. Back to that love of flight...with something for the adrenaline junkie thrown in.  Of course, I'd have to dose myself with dramamine ahead of time (damn that motion sickness).
  6. Swim with dolphins...Dolphins are so graceful and beautiful and intelligent. I would dearly love to swim with them. Swimming with them at Sea World would be ok but I'd really love to travel to Australia and swim with the dolphins in the wild.
  7. Go to Dragon*Con and Comic-Con...the inner geek in me thrills to the idea of attending both on these Cons.
  8. Drive Route 66...I love the idea of a trip across the country on Route 66. I think it would be a fabulous way to see the sites.
  9. Participate in Kyle Petty's Charity Ride...Kyle Petty's Charity Ride raises money for Victory Junction, a camp for kids with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses. Somehow, the idea of riding a motorcycle across a good part of the country to raise money for a good cause sounds like a blast.
  10. Visit the Grand Canyon...I want to see it all and do it all in regards to the Grand Canyon. I want to raft down the river. I want to hike parts of it. I want to ride down into it. And, I definitely want to see the Skywalk.
  11. Go on a horseback tour of Ireland...My dad's family came from Ireland. Being able to see it on horseback would feed two of my loves at once. I'd get to ride and I'd get to see where my family came from.
  12. Renew my wedding vows...Specifically, I want to marry my husband all over again at the Duke Chapel. Now, the building Duke University calls a chapel is actually more like a cathedral and it has the most magnificent organ and vaulted ceiling. I truly would love to hold a ceremony there and, of course, we'd have the most kick ass wedding reception/party afterwards.
  13. Travel a lot...I would love to show my children the world. I grew up as an Air Force brat. One of the privileges that brought along with it was the opportunity to see the world (or, at least a large chunk of it). For an idea of the kinds of places I like to take them and the things I'd like to see with them, check out my Answers post
  14. Meet J.K. Rowling and have access to the Harry Potter backstory...I'd love to meet her. It would make my geeky heart sing. But having access to the fabled boxes and boxes of backstory that she created for the Harry Potter stories would send me to nirvana.
What would be on your Not-A-Bucket List? What do you fantasize about doing? If you answer on your blog instead of in the comments, please let me know.