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Thursday, July 31, 2008

I thought I was done blogging today but...

I was checking my stat counter and I had to come back here. The stat counter I use also tracks any search engine searches that find my blog. Most of the time, the searches that find my blog are nothing surprising. They are searches related to infertility or maybe kids. This time however, the search engine hits made me laugh out loud and disturbed me. This is what I saw...

Num Perc.Search Term

111.11%what can i take to make me fertile

111.11%but i can't turn around i've been gone to long

111.11%give me some g*d damn infertile animals

111.11%depression caused by infertility

111.11%fertile belly pics

111.11%teenahe boys underwear

111.11%4 chemical pregnancies

111.11%the pfc. lavena johnson petition

111.11%the investigation of pfc. lavena's johnson death

9 100.00%

The third one down, "give me some g*d damn infertile animals", makes me laugh. Its truly bizarre on so many levels. First, why would anyone want infertile animals. Second, why, oh why would a search for infertile animals find my blog.

The one that really disturbs me is the 6th one. At least I can take solace from the fact that anyone warped enough to search for teenage boys *nderwear was sorely disappointed when they clicked on my blog. All they found were pictures of my fully clothed kids with their underwear on their heads.

Have any of you had your blog found through really odd searches?


Margaret said...

Yeah some of the searches crack me up. I'll have to go look up some of the funnier ones.

Heather said...

Thank you for reviewing my blog for Mel's Extravaganza. I really appreciate it.

The Google searches I get a lot of are for Bridget Jones Fan Fiction - of which I'm more than happy to share where I've found the best stuff, and I get a lot on "having two eggs" which point to the month I ovulated two eggs on my own when the doctor's were monitoring me for my endometrial biopsy.