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Friday, November 11, 2005

Only 3 weeks left!!!

Had my weekly appointment and non-stress test today. Gabe did great on the NST but he was being particulary contrary. He was moving around soooooo much that he even disappearred off the monitors in L&D...ROFL. My belly is measuring at 40+ weeks (no wonder I feel huge) and I am still 2 1/2 pounds below the weight I started this pregnancy at. My blood pressure was behaving fairly well today and, after lying down for the NST, it dropped all the way to 122/53. Had to have that lovely internal exam today so they could do all the necessary cultures (test for group B strep, etc) before I deliver. Cervix is high, long, and completely closed (could have predicted that since I am having NO contrax...LOL).

I can't believe my baby boy will be here in only 3 weeks.


sweetisu said...

So glad things are going well. Only 3 weeks left!!! Getting very excited for you. You'll meet your little prince in no time at all.

Sorry I haven't been around lately. Fun to see all your belly pixs. Esp the watermelon one :)

Anonymous said...

woohoo!!!! only 3 weeks left!!! Oh, I can't wait to see pictures of this little guy. Yeah, that's me, always demanding pictures. :-)

It sounds like everything is coming along as it should! Oh, don't forget, I need my picture request fulfilled before you go in to have this little one.


The Barrenness said...

High cervix...sounds very familiar. I bet my cervix is more uncooperative than yours! Cute belly shots!

Lala said...

Wow!! Where has the time gone? Three weeks! Lucky you!

The Barrenness said...

I can't wait until Gabe is born (clapping hands together)!!!

You're going to be super skinny when you have Gabe! You'll have to do an "after" baby belly pic.

Those damn internal exams were enough to make me scream "YES!!!" when they asked me if I'd like a c-section. They suck! I should have checked out handsize when I was shopping for obs...

How are the boys doing? Are they just beside themselves?

Anonymous said...