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Friday, November 18, 2005

New Belly pic and an update...

First of all, here is the latest belly pic. I look and feel huge...LOL.

Gabe is still as contrary as ever...during my NST yesterday, he was hiding from the monitors in L&D. I don't know how a kiddo as big as he is manages that but he surely did. At this point, I am not having any contrax and there is no dialation or effacement. I finally made it back up to the wieght I started this pregnancy at...LOL...not bad for being 37 weeks. My BP was 138/65...not wonderful but definitely acceptable.

And....I now have a time for my c-section in addition to having a date. My c-section is scheduled for 7:30 am on Dec 2nd. That means I have to be at the hospital between 5:30 and 6 am...UGH. My parents and my sis are going to come up the night before...my parents will be going to the hospital with us and my sis and her girls are going to take care of the boys until they can all come tot he hopsital (around lunch time probably).

I think thats about all the update I have :)


Anonymous said...

Love the picture!!! Okay, just need 2 more -- one for next week and then before you go in for delivery. Not asking too much LOL

You look great Kristin and I just cannot believe how time seems to have flown by for you (okay, for me haha!) Of course, I'm not the one going through the pregnancy.

Just 2 more weeks!

So, are we all prepared for little Gabe?? I can't wait to see this little bundle of joy! (sounds cliche but he IS joy!) Have any pictures of his room to share?

Oh hey, email me your address, I have something I want to send...just so that Gabe will fit in with the boys ;-)


Verna Wommack said...

Hey girly! You are looking great! Can't believe Gabey Baby will be here so soon!!!! Be sure to come see us at the old board! We miss ya!

Verna :)

Bean said...

Look at that bellah!! I can't believe how close you are, it's just amazing! I'm so happy to be here, sharing this journey with you. I agree with Penny, Gabe is PURE JOY!! WOOHOO! ;)