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Sunday, May 29, 2005

*Cough, cough* *Hack, Hack* ACHOO!

Can you tell I don't feel good? I caught the crud my boys (esp. Joey) had and its kicking my butt. I would just about kill for a dose of Theraflu but, of course, that isn't on the approved meds list. UGH

If I'm scarce, that is why.

*****I have made a miraculous discovery. I compared the ingredients list of Theraflu with the list of approved meds and they are all on the list! The cough suppressant in Theraflu is the same one in Robitussin DM. WOOHOO...I can have my theraflu!


The Barrenness said...

Hope you feel better. That can't be fun. Try to get some sleep.

Thanks for the doppler info. We had looked at that one, but when we realized it was the British pounds price and not the US price, we balked. I'll just wait to use a stethoscope. There were some "antique" fetal monitoring devices that really intrigued DH.

Suz said...

Ohhh! I'm so glad. I love theraflu and hope it does the job for you!

Julianna said...

Ohhhh! I am so sorry you are feeling so bad and I am so hoping that you are feeling the effects of the Thera-Flu by now!

Take care of yourself!

Sheena said...

Hi K, thank you for giving me a link to your blog. Shame, I do hope you feel better soon!

Lovely pics of the boys, they are beautiful.

The Barrenness said...

Hey, that's good to know...the Theraflu info, that is. I'm getting bled today. Should be good fun.