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Friday, May 27, 2005

12 weeks 1 day...

that means NO MORE PROGESTERONE FOR ME!!! Can you tell I'm happy to be able to ditch those suppositories?

I also bought a doppler. It came in yesterday and I did pick up the heartbeat for a few beats but the little shit aka the baby must have been moving and grooving because I promptly lost it again. Oh well, those few audible heartbeats were enough to make me happy.


Jen P said...

Yeah for no more progesterone!! Whoo hoo!!

And lots of luck with the doppler! I'm sure it will come in handy and those beats will only get stronger and stronger.

Best wishes

The Barrenness said...

What type of doppler did you buy? I figure if you can hear with yours, I could hear with the same. We've been looking but were afraid we were too early yet.

Congrats on the tossing the prog.! That shit's nasty. I even had cooter reactions when I used it during my clomid/estrogen/progesterone days.

For some reason I didn't need it when I got pregnant, although my doc had said I would (way back in the days when I was actually trying--before I got pregnant). I was afraid I might have to use the oral pills, which I've heard have more side effects.

Again, congrats with the prog AND the doppler. It's nice to hear your little one doing the can-can isn't it?

Ana said...

No more progesterone, woohoo!!

And good luck with the doppler! I never had the guts to get one for fear of not being able to hear it and panic LOL

Dee said...

Yea--here's to no more goopy panties! I remember that milestone myself :-)

And the doppler--what can I say about that? Renting one was the best thing I ever did and it has helped get me through some worrisome times! Now I've been debating sending it back as I near the end but I'm kind of afraid to just in case I don't feel her move so much, etc. It seems like a big step to send it back...for me, that means having blind faith. Hmmm...gimme technology any day.

So glad things are progressing so nicely and that you've got the doppler to revel in your baby's heartbeat with!