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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

One sac, one baby, one BEAUTIFUL HEARTBEAT...

I was such a basket case today. My stomach was tied in knots. I couldn't eat or even finish my coffee. UGH. And then, my doctor's office was running behind...not severely behind...they were only 30 minutes off schedule but when you are as scared as I was it seemed like an eternity. Thank God my hubby was there to keep up the conversation because I was just sitting there trying not to cry or puke. I told my doc's wonderful u/s tech (I can't call her a wand monkey) not to even bother taking my bp because I knew it was up. I refused to look at the screen right away. I had my eyes closed and my head turned away and I think I might have broken my hubby's hand I was holding on so tight. I don't think I took a breath until she said, "There's the heartbeat." I turned and looked and promptly burst into tears. According to my lmp, I am 6 weeks 6 days and the baby is measuring 6 weeks 6 days. You could clearly see the baby and a nice big yolk sac. And the flicker was moving along at 142 beats per minute...pretty damned excellent for so early. The u/s showed the baby implanted way up at the fundus (top of the uterus) and there is no sign of anything untoward...everything looks exactly as it should!

The baby is between the two + marks and the bright area below the baby is the yolk sac from a side angle.

The baby is between the two + marks and the big blob below it is the large yolk sac.

I can breath again...which I figure should last a couple of days at most. Then on to the next worry.


Marivic said...

I've been lurking for a few months (starting reading m/c blogs after my 2 recent m/c's in Dec. and Jan.). Just wanted to say congratulations! And hope everything goes well.

I have 4 teen-age daughters (17, 15, 14 y/o twins), and am currently 6w5d along, so I'd say we have quite a few things in common! Congrats again on the pregnancy and the progress!


JenP said...


What a huge sigh of relief! Oh my goooodness! So, so, so, so happy for you!

Whooo hooo!!!!!

Now this little one just needs to GROW.

Best wishes to you!

Emma said...

They're beautiful images, and such a relief!

First thing I did when I got to work this morning was check on you.


Ana said...

Congratulations Kristin!! I'm so happy for you, what a great way to start the day!!

Lioness said...

Oh dahling, congrats!!! A heartbeat and a perfect embryo! Thank God. I am thrilled for yoU!

Dee said...

Yippee for such a beautifully growing baby! So glad the tech was wonderful as was the u/s and that sweet baby.

I'm so happy for you and your husband (and family) and hope things continue to go just as well for the next 32+ weeks. :-)

Mere said...

YAY! Congratulations, I'm so glad things went better than you expected.

Anonymous said...


chris said...

That's wonderful news. Hope you have a good weekend, too.

sweetisu said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad all is going well!!! What a relief. Now try not to worry so much ;)