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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I did it...

I started my shots last night. Actually giving myself the shot wasn't that bad but I sat there and cried after I did. Wheee...aren't hormones fun. I also took another big step. I finally called my OB and set an appointment date. Next Wednesday, April 20th, at 11:15 am, I have my first ultrasound. I am both so very scared and so eager at the same time. I'm hoping and praying we'll see a beautiful little one in there. I know its too early to see much...but please God, at least let us see a well defined fetal pole and a little heart flickering away.


Jen P said...

Congrats on that first shot. I can't imagine the suspense and the emotions and oh my goodness, will be waiting and crossing everything I've got that there will be something absolutely amazing on that scan.

Come on little flicker!!!

Hope you're doing well.

chris said...

Hey. I got your message. I'm sorry I've been so lazy about coming around lately, but I'm just exhausted. We've all been sick and I'm soooo tired. Anyway, I've been meaning to say contrats. I'll be hoping and crossing my fingers. Take care.

The Lioness said...

Sweetie, I'm praying for the flicker. Much love.

sweetisu said...

Will be crossing my fingers for everything to go right this time.

Awhile back when I was still undergoing treatment, I had to give myself 5 shots every 2 weeks to boost white blood cells. I couldn't do it. I brought the medicine, and drove to the nearby clinic and asked the nurse to do it for me. Every time. She was great!!