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Thursday, April 07, 2005

2 beautiful lines again and again...and other life stuff...

Anyone whose been on this journey knows you can't test just once. No way, no how...one test just won't do it. Hell, one brand just won't do it. I tested the first time on the 3rd and retested the morning of the 5th. On the 5th, I tested with both the Answer Early Result Pregnancy test and the standard Fact Plus test. The Fact Plus test recommends waiting until at least the day your period is due and it tests for a much higher concentration of hcg (online sites say between 150-250 mIU/ml)*

Aren't these lines gorgeous?

As far as symptoms are concerned, I am exhausted...so tired in fact that I have been mneaning to post for 2 days now and haven't been able to muster the energy. Thats a truly sad state of affairs. Also, I am having intermittent queasiness. I almost didn't make it through brushing my teeth last night. UGH I keep reminding myself that all these things are good signs, but it doesn't make me like them.

Now, on to other fun stuff. I've spent some time over the last few days helping my boys build their Pinewood Derby cars. They are having the best time decorating the cars and can't wait to race them on Saturday. I also got brand new gorgeous tile on my bathroom floor. Having such a gorgeous floor has me itching to paint and redo the bathroom. The tile is a wonderful marbled sandy color and I want to redo the walls in white so I can hang some beach themed pieces I have in there. I suppose I should wait but I really don't want to.

*Fact Plus does have test versions that test for lower concentrations but I used the one that tested for the higher concentration


Anonymous said...

YAY!!!! and YAY!!!! and, um, YAY!!!!

JenP said...

Hooray!! Congrats on those gorgeous lines! They're pretty amazing, aren't they?

Now for the real truth: I tested every other day until I was almost 7 weeks. I just couldn't believe it was true.

And your redecorating sounds fabulous! It's always something I've wanted to do, but the Mister feels we're not quite suited to the arty side of decorating. So I wish you lots of luck and hope there will be some pictures!

Hope those symptoms continue to get stronger and but not awful and things are going well!

(Now, as for that darn blinking graphic...thanks again to my lovely husband he's blacklisted Blogger and I'm accusing myself of hotlinking. Sorry if it's offensive to anyone in the comment section!)

Lioness said...

Kristin, you pee on sticks for as long as you want, always happy to see new lines. JenP, that was rather hilarious!

Emma said...

I was so pleased to see you'd posted, and even more happy when I saw all those lovely lines!

I was getting quite worried about you. Although of course I realise you have more to think about than the people who live inside your computer ;o)