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Sunday, January 07, 2007

My kids really crack me up...

On New Year's eve, we gave Marty and Joey permission to stay up until midnight. Marty made it with no problem but, by about 9, Joey was almost falling over with exhaustion. I sent Joey to bed with the promise that we would wake him up at midnight. Well, I barely got him awake at about 10 til midnight and he pronounced himself too tired and wanted to go back to bed. Vic and I gave Joey a hug and kiss and I think he was asleep before his head hit the pillow. However, the next day, Joey had to call all his friends so he could tell them about staying up until midnight. I really had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing at him. Joey's little phone calls evolved into two 45 minute conversations (what do kids that age have to say that could take that long???), a birthday celebration /after school visit at one friend's house, and another friend coming to visit our house after school on Friday.

After Joey scheduled all his social events, Marty decided he couldn't be left out. He invited a friend over on Saturday and that evolved into a sleepover with the kid going to Sunday school and church with us this morning. This has really been a busy week.

Did you make any New Year's resolutions? Someone posted to a question to Cross Stitch Crazy about stitchy and non-stitchy goals for the new year. I wouldn't call these resolutions but these are my goals for 2007...

1.Get all the old RR's (and crochet projects) I have around here in various stages of completion DONE and hopefully framed.
2.Stitch an ornie for each family member.
3.Stitch something for each of my sisters.
4.Complete at least 3 more quilts.

1. Get the house really organized.
2. Paint the boys rooms (thats the only thing I really miss about the old house...the wonderful paint jobs in their rooms)
3.Get rid of th fugly wallpaper in the master bathroom and paint it.
4.Clean out the flower beds and plant some new stuff.


InfertileMadWoman said...

WOW you are gonna be one busy lady!! I LURVE to Xstitch to, and I have several unfinished projects that I have to get done to... I guess that will be my goal for this cycle.... UGH, but don't you hate how when you have an odd shaped project how expensive it can be to frame the damn things?? Oh well, I guess if it makes the reciever happy!! LOL Have fun, and your kids sound like my Kent, he has convo's with his friends for hours over NOTHING!! Hugs

~Velda said...

You don't expect much from yourself do you. Oh and I think your boys have inherited YOUR gift of gab *giggle*

Jaime said...

what great goals!
you are such a busy mom!

way to go on keeping up with your blog!