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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Its so much easier when they are little.

Really, I promise you it is. With a little one, you can stop the fussing with a hug, a kiss, or a cookie. When you are in the midst of those sleepless nights when they are tinny, you think nothing can be harder. I know...I thought that too. But those are the easy days. Well, not easy but easier than dealing with an almost hormonal adolescent.

My oldest son is going to be 10 next month and I would swear he has already entered the early stages of puberty. He is moody...he is argumentative...and everything is about him (whether it is or not). I love him dearly but this stage may drive me nuts. This morning I told him that I loved him tons and tons. His response was "Are you sure? Are you really sure?" and, when I said yes, he said "Prove it." ARRGGHHH I told him I didn't know how to prove that. He would just have to take it on faith like his belief in God. Marty also has that teenaged tendency to be convinced people are yelling at him even when they are talking in smooth measured voices. And, he only does this when he is in a pissy mood so I know it isn't a real hearing issue. Marty has also decided I don't think his jokes are funny because I told him this morning that I didn't like his sarcasm because it could be misinterpreted. I tried to tell him I did like his jokes and I did like to play and HE ARGUED WITH ME ABOUT IT. I may not survive the teen years with him.

Whew...that feels better. Now that I've gotten all that bitching and kvetching done, I want y'all to know that Marty really is a fabulous kiddo. He adores his baby brother and is fairly tolerant of Joey...even when Joey is being a truly aggravating little brother. And, although he doesn't always like to share with Joey, Marty is generous to a fault with others. When his school was raising money to help Katrina victims last year, he insisted on donating the $32 dollars he had saved for himself. Marty usually helps willingly around the house (except when it comes to cleaning his room...LOL) and also loves to help others. He is an incredible kid and, if we can just make it through puberty, he will grow up to be an amazing young man.


CreoleInDC said...

Marty sounds like he's going to be JUST FINE!

Justin said...

Hey Kristin, your babies are too cute. give my love to them. My Mom too sometimes tell us that you guys were really too much naughty when you were small.(me n my sister)hahah!! And hey, do you have pets?? I have 3 dogs, 2 cats n lots of birds..
I love them a lot.

take care
God Bless

~Velda said...

I like when you Kvetch lol...it makes me know that things really are normal in my house too lol...only zac has started 3 years earlier than Marty lol

InfertileMadWoman said...

OMG, girl that is nothing... wait until they yell at you and then when you ask why they are yelling, they actually have NO CLUE they were yelling!! UGH, My cutie is 15, and I SWEAR on a daily basis that I am going to make him a Eunuch before 16!!!

Hugs to you!!!