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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Pics for your perusal...

we are all still sick but we are on the road to recovery. Poor little Gabey-cakes sounds hoarse. To keep you entertained until I'm better, here are some pics to looks at.

3/2/06 3 months old








Emma said...

What an absolute sweet heart. I hope you all feel better soon.

thanks for the great pics.

Anonymous said...

hey hey!!! I haven't popped over here for a while. Busy lil thang, aren't you? OMG, those are just the most adorable little baby pictures I have ever seen!!!! Put a big smile on my face this morning. Oh Kristin, give him some big ole sloppy kisses for me, would ya? and a bunch of snuggles too! He's such a dollbaby!!!

Hope you all are feeling better soon!!!!


Momma Bee said...

THREE months?! Holy cow, time is flying.

Such cute pics -- thanks for sharing, and feel better soon!!

Emma said...

just checking in, hope you're still checking your emails. I'd love an update on how things are going.

My Tom's now at the age Gabe was when you last posted!!

~Velda said...

aww but I really really think we need some updated photos of those cutie pies!