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Sunday, March 12, 2006

How did a full month pass???

Here it is a full month after my last post entry and I had sworn to myself that I would update my blog at least once a week...how in the hell did that happen?

So much has and is happening that I don't really know where to start.

First topic of discussion...the name of my blog. I started thinking about the name of my blog and was trying to decide whether I should change it or not. I mean, I'm not actively trying to have a baby right now. Our little miracle is here and thriving. Should I really keep the title of my blog as it is? I pondered and wondered and decided and changed my mind as I am apt to do these days. Then, I finally truly decided that I'll be damned if I'll change the title. The title represents a huge part of who I am and the events that have shaped my life over the past few years. While my blog won't be focusing solely on infertility or pregnancy after infertility anymore, that part of my life has left an indelible mark on my heart and soul. I am a fertile infertile...and who knows, maybe in a year or two, I can gain the courage and try for another one. Then all those thoughts and feelings will coming roaring back to the front. Until then, the fertile infertile will just be a title explaining a little bit about who I am.

Second thing on my mind...my gorgeous kiddos. Gabe is fabulous. He frequently sleeps 5 to 6 hrs to start off his night and occasionally makes it as long as 7 hrs before he decides he must eat or perish. Of course, those nights when he sleeps for 6 to 7 hrs convince me that I must have been a wet nurse or a milk cow in a previous life. After one of those glorious sleep filled nights, I have humungous milk filled boobs. Gabe can eat to his hearts content and I can still pump and fill a 9 oz bottle.

Marty and Joey continue to dote on their baby brother and his face lights up whenever he sees one of them. Last weekend, Joey was so sick. He spiked a temp of over 102 and was coughing...almost a croupy cough. The poor kid was coughing so hard his breathing was tightening up which was causing him to get panicky. Of course, the more panicky he got, the more he coughed which led to further tightening of his breathing. It was an ugly circle. I don't get freaked out by my kids being sick...my paramedic training beat that out of me...but this illness was scaring me a bit. I came really close to hauling his butt to the ER that night. I was so relieved when I finally got his fever to break and he was able to get some rest. I was also eternally grateful that this happened on a night Vic was home from work and could take care of the other two (also, thank God for the incrediboobs and all the bottles of pumped milk...I could take care of Joey and Vic could feed Gabe). Joey is still a bit tired and is still coughing some in his sleep but he is essentially better.

We are also dealing with a slightly pulled muscle in Marty's back. Marty and Joey love to play in boxes. When we received Gabe's swing a week ago Friday (THANKS KRISTI), they immediately decided it had a perfect box to add to their collection of boxes that they play in. Marty was standing in the box from the swing...he had just hopped across the living room in it...and fell when he tried to climb out. He wrenched his back and, of course has played the role of the injured martyr to the hilt.

I have a ton more to talk about but I really must go to bed. I am quite stupidly sitting here on the computer while Gabe is soundly sleeping. You would think I would learn and would go to bed shortly after he does.


Momma Bee said...

I never seem to learn that bed-time lesson either...good to "hear" from you, though sorry about the sickness. Incrediboobs, hee-hee. Love that.

Emma said...

I like the name of your blog, and it is who you are!

It's good to hear from you and catch up with how everyone is doing - more photo's though, we want to see how the little cutey is doing :o)

Jenn said...

Crawling out from underneath my rock to tell you that I am so glad things are going so well...MORE PICS!!!! Sending many (((HUGS))))