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Monday, September 26, 2005

Tell me which is worse to hear...

when someone looks at you and says "Are you having twins?" (when I was pg with Marty, my oldest, at about 30 weeks)


when someone says "If you hadn't mentioned you were pg, I wouldn't have known." (this was only last Friday)

The first comment came from someone who lived near me and KNEW I was only having one. The second comment happened when I was at the post office. I was right up at the counter and the woman was trying to figure out why I looked different. I said it might be because I'm no longer wearing bangs or it might be because I weigh a lot less despite my big preggo belly. Her response was the second comment above.

Ugh...hearing that was enough to deflate my ego...and here I thought I was looking pretty good. It felt like she was saying I just looked fatter. You decide...here is the picture I took on Sunday, September 25th.

Also, I finished a shower gift for another friend who is also due December. The blanket is receiving blanket size...perfect for the car seat or stroller. The hat and booties should fit the average baby up until about 4 or 5 months old. Would you like this for your baby?


Anonymous said...

I'd say someone just doesn't know a pregnant belly when they see one. That's a definite preggo belly if I've ever seen one and you can really tell that you haven't gained/lost weight with this and gained nothing but belly. Just consider it a goofy pregnant remark (and they probably feel bad for having said it now) and be happy. I think you look great!

By the way, beautiful present you have there! Yep, I'd like one, if I were expecting, that is. :-)


Hostile in Ohio said...

Hmm, first I'd LOVE that blanket, the hat...hmm...those booties are so adorable they nealy kill me though.

As for the belly, I'd say you CLEARLY look pregnant. There is only one other thing you look like, my grandmother had a similar belly, but she also had no hair and was dying of ovarian cancer. So since I think it's clear you're not on death's door, that is OBVIOUSLY a pregnant belly!

Pam said...

Well honey, you DEFINITELY look pregnant to me! I meant to tell you earlier, I think you are looking AWESOME! Pregnancy definitely suits you sweetie!


Dee said...

That person at the post office is nuts. I think it's quite obvious that's a baby you're carrying, not a basketball or just some random belly weight. Duh. People truly are clueless...don't listen to 'em.

As for the receiving blanket, hat and booties--they're adorable and make a great gift. Of course, I could only use the blanket as it's too warm where I am (even in winter) for the hat and booties!

Emma said...

You're either pregnant or smuggling a basketball under there. It's a beautiful big belly by the way.

I love the blanket and booties - they're perfect for running up to Christmas. Lovely colours.


The Barrenness said...

I like the hat, especially Kristin.

I can relate to the second comment. My aquatics instructor was trying to be nice (I think) when she said it. It was something like, "I didn't know you were pregnant when you started the class." Mind you, that was a month ago at 23 weeks--and I was definitely showing. And, I was wearing a pre-pregnancy swimming suit, not a floaty one, so it was really obvious! My comeback was, "Yeah, I know I look like I just have insulin resistance and carry most of my weight in my trunk. Or I have an ovarian cyst." Maybe that wasn't very gracious of me, but hell, the comment wasn't that gracious either...

As for you, you look pregnant to me, kiddo! It must feel great to know that you're below your starting weight! That's got to feel really good! Think how skinny you'll look after Gabe is born!

Anonymous said...

I love the blanket set!! It is so cute!!! You are so talented and look so gosh darn cute!! Don't listen to what the "outside world" says. You look great!!

Anonymous said...


The last comment was from ME!!