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Saturday, September 03, 2005

The Battle of "Stallingrad"...or putting my kids to bed...

My kids, like all kids, seem to pull our the stops when it comes to delay tactics at bed time. The usual tactics include, hunger, thirst, being cold, being hot, and "just not being able to go to sleep". However, Joey has added a new and interesting twist to the nightly stall and delay tactics. Joey has mastered the ability to keep microscopic amounts of poop and pee inside his body thus necessitating at least two (sometimes more) post bedtime potty breaks. From the amount of time he sometimes spends in the bathroom, you would think he would produce massive, adult-sized poops. But noooooooo, during these post bedtime bathroom trips, the poops are invariably itsy bitsy specks in the toilet. How he manages to retain just enough to "have to go" is beyond me. Do you think this might qualify him for a spot on David Letterman's Stupid Human Tricks? Aaaah, what a claim to fame.

On the baby front, all is going well. The u/s last Monday was perfet. Gabe was measuring slightly bigger then the 50% and he had plenty of fluid (but not too much) to swim around in. His head was measuring a little large but it was still within the normal range. Considering my hubby and I both wear extra large hats and that Marty's head was off the newborn chart at birth, Gabe having a biggish head does not surprise me. Based on measurements, Gabe's weight was estimated at 874 grams which is equal to 1.92 lbs...not bad for 25 1/2 weeks. The u/s tech says that based on the current growth pattern she would guess he would be a little above average size at birth. This comment produced a disbelieveing laugh from me. Up through about 25 weeks or so, both my boys measured about average. It was during the third trimester that they both became big babies...Marty was almost 9 lbs and Joey was 7 lbs at 36 weeks. I fully expect Gabe to be on the large end of things but I will be happy no matter what the size as long as he is healhty.

And, a special THANK YOU to my mom. She just offered to buy my nursing bras for me. Considering I have a mammoth rack and I have to get my bras custom made at about $75 a bra, this is a most welcome gift!!! Woohooo MOM!!!


sweetisu said...

GO Joey! Umm I mean, BAD Joey!! I'm sorry, it's sooooooo frustrating when they are tired and refuse to sleep. But, it does sound pretty funny when you describe it. :D

I'm glad to hear u/s went well. I have no doubt that Gabe will come out measuring at least 8+ lbs. You're right, all that matters is he's healthy.

Anonymous said...

LOL That's funny about Joey. Guess I should feel lucky that Christopher only wants goodnight drinks.

Sounds like Gabe is plugging right along and then some!

Hey, aren't we due for another belly shot soon? ;-)


Kristin said...

You are right Penny...it is time for a belly shot. I'll take one tomorrow, ok?

The Barrenness said...

Those bras can be a real pain. Nice of your mom to help too. My mom isn't the most supportive lady (no pun intended), so I'm kind of envious. You're very lucky.

Anonymous said...

I'll be checking!


The Lioness said...

What am I, demented? I keep writing comments in my mind and then realise much later that's the only place I actually wrote them.

Very happy news, baby-wise. Big bros, not so much eh?