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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Its been a while since I've done an update on me...

So I guess its about time.

I have been on strike this week...LOL. This has been my week to recover from Vacation Bible School. VBS went incredibly well. We ended up having 62 kids registered and about 30 volunteers. On the 24th (Sunday after VBS), a group of kids sang a few of the songs from VBS in church and I led the procession into church in my ringmaster costume. Why a ringmaster costume you ask...because our VBS theme was Davey and Goliath's Circus Spectacular. The majority of the people seemed to enjoy it but I'm sure my ringmaster costume in church ruffled the feathers of some of the old fuddy duddies.

I've done a little laundry and a whole lot of stitching (cross stitching and crocheting) this week. Other than that, I have done nothing.

My pregnancy is going great. I am 21 1/2 weeks right now and I truly can't believe it. Gabe is doing great. I would swear he is doing barrel rolls in there on a daily basis. I am starting to really get excited about this now:) I finally got brave enough to unpack all my maternity clothes about 6 days ago. I am still about 10+ punds below my starting weight so they still aren't a complete necessity but the maternity bottoms (shorts, skirts, etc) are a LOT more comfortable than my regular stuff now.


Jen P said...

Yeah for busy babies!! I hope you get lots and lots of wonderful, reassuring movement from your little Gabe!

I love the costume! You look absolutely adorable! I'll bet the kids had a fantastic time.

Lots of good wishes and hoping everything is going well.

Thinking of you.

Emma said...

Fantastic costume, looks like a lot of fun!

I can't believe how far along you are now - it's so exciting! Must be really nice now you can feel him moving in there.

The Lioness said...

Good girl! The Kristin In The Hat, cool look!

Anonymous said...

well, ain't you cute? Sounds like you had a busy week! take some time to relax now!

Sounds like things are coming along just great and I'm very glad to hear!