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Saturday, July 16, 2005

My big u/s is on Tuesday at 3:15!

I am so excited and so very scared at the same time. The little one is defintiely making its presense known. I feel movement all the time and Vic felt little baby flutters for the first time Thursday night.

My kids are a bit ticked off that I won't let them come to the u/s but I can't get over that little niggling background fear and say "Yes, you two can come." Oh well, they can come if I have another u/s later on.

Vacation Bible School starts Monday and I will be out of town until Sunday night (niece's b-day party).


Anonymous said...

Um, Kristin, I do hope you find your way to a computer with results of your u/s, yes?

Sounds like things are coming along just right!

Fingers crossed for a cooperative little one to see what he/she may be. ;-)


Jen P said...

Good luck Kristin with everything and hoping it all turns out wonderfully!! Best wishes for the scan!!

The Lioness said...

Enjoy the break, keep reporting on the fluttering!