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Monday, June 27, 2005

Its been an interesting couple of days...

Not bad at all...just interesting. I think I might survive being in charge of Vacation Bible School. I almost have all my volunteers lined up and I have just about everything else in line. Its still driving me crazy but it looks like it might actually come together.

And, yesterday Marty (my oldest) had on a red tie-dyed shirt my mom bought for him. Well, evidently, whoever made thsi shirt did NOT rinse the excess dye out before they sold it. Marty and Joey got into a water battle outside and, by the time they were done, Marty's shirt had bled red dye all over his body. Marty looked like he had the world's worst sunburn (pics to come later).

Finally, I got THE BEST NEWS today!!! Remember how I asked you to pray for my friend Pam. Well, it seems like those prayers are working. On Thursday, her hcg levels were in the 6000+ range. As of this morning, her levels are up over 17,000. They haven't repeated the u/s yet (I think that is scheduled for Wednesday) but, with her hcg levels doubling at about a *64 hour rate, evrything else looks PERFECT at this point. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY

*remember, after you hit 6000, doubling times slow down SIGNIFICANTLY


Emma said...

That's wonderful news!!! more good thoughts heading her way!

Hostile in Ohio said...

That's GREAT!!! I hope they find something good on the ultrasound next time!

And good job for you! That is hard work organizing bible school.

Jen P said...

I looooved Vacation Bible School so I commend you for taking it up! It's always great fun.

And your son's red 'tan' is hilarious.

Many good thoughts for your friend and hoping they see something very beautiful on the scan!

Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Nice sunburn LOL That's about as bad as one time when my oldest got into some cherry koolaid and spilled some down her leg without me knowing right away. She had these red streaks going down her leg so you can only guess my first thought, until I gave her a bath shortly thereafter.

Any update on Pam?