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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Back from the OBs...YAY...

The appointment went well. My BP was a bit better but still elevated (but it isn't elevated away from the OBs office). As soon as the doc got the doppler out, I spiked my heart rate way up...guess I was fooling myself into thinking I was calm...LOL. Because of that, he was having trouble telling if he was hearing my heartbeat or the munchkins...so he pulled out the portable u/s machine. I didn't get any pics but I got a quick peak at BABY. The heart was thumping away and everything looked good. My big u/s is scheduled for the afternoon of July 19th.

Also, because I have a history of pre-eclampsia (when pregnant with Marty) and I've had elevated pressure at my appointments, my doc is having me do a 24 hour urine collection just to give us a baseline to work with as the pregnancy progresses. Its a PITA but I will admit it makes me feel good that he is being so thorough.

Finally, I told the doc that I would agree to a scheduled c-section and quit bugging him about a VBAC if he would solemnly promise me two things...1) I would not have to have my arms strapped down while in surgery & 2) that I could be the first one to hold this baby. He said he didn't see why not. He said he would gladly leave my arms unstrapped as long as I promised not to reach down...LOL...no chance of me doing that.

Sooooo, it looks like I'm really having a baby...barring any disasters.

Oh yeah, we told the boys this afternoon and they both started cheering.

And, I am officially 10 pounds UNDER my starting weight.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are coming along as they should! I'm very happy to hear about this.

So aside from the boys, have you told anyone else? Any plans on that?

Also, sounds like a good deal with the delivery plans.

Now, how far along are you?


Emma said...

That's all wonderful news - I'm pleased the boys are happy.

I can't tell if you're joking or not - do they really strap your arms down for a c-section?!

It's good that the doctor is taking such good care of you. At least you know he's on your side.

19th of July sounds like a long time away - are you sure you're going to cope that long without seeing the baby?

Ana said...

Great news Kristin, I'm so glad you got to see the baby!

Dee said...

So glad all the news was good at your visit and that the boys (and mommy and daddy, of course) are so excited!

And your hubby? He's a good man, but I bet you already know that--after all, you married him :-)

Jen P said...

Fantastic, amazing news!! Whoo hooo!! I was hoping for only good things and I'm thrilled you got to see your little one!

And I'm so glad the boys took it well. A BABY!!!

Hope you're doing well and good luck with the urine catch.

Pam said...


I just knew the boys would be excited! I'm excited too!! I'm very glad your doc is so thorough...I'm sure it eases your mind a great deal to feel he's on 'your' side with everything. Love you sweetie!


The Lioness said...

YEY! Good news alll around!

What the hell was that abt strapping down arms?? That's the first time I hear of it, absolutely barbaric!

The Barrenness said...

Glad everything is working out for you. The 24 hr. urine collection does sound kind of inconvenient. It's always to have an extra cautious doctor rather than a lazy, dismissive one.

Hope that everything continues as it has.

Kristin said...

Typically, the arm that has an IV in it is strapped down to prevent any involuntary movements that might yank out the IV. Also, with my first c-section, I had an epidural and because it was an emergent c-section, they had to crank the drugs way, way up...no time to carefully titrate for effectiveness without the patient getting loopy. Thats why they had to strap my arms down. According to hubby, I was really out of it. I just wanted to make sure I could avoid that.