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Saturday, June 30, 2012

That's What She Said...

In the first That's What S/He Said post, I promised you two funny stories. Here's number two...

Every now and then, you meet someone you instantly connect with, someone you know has the potential to be a lifelong friend. I was lucky enough to have that happen. In addition to all the amazing women I met (really, I don't want to name names...I'm terrified of forgetting someone), I met one woman who qualifies as a soul sister. It's a good thing Adrianna is amazing otherwise I might just have to hate her. She is gorgeous, skinny, smart, and a full out geek.
The fabulous Adrianna and me
As much as I adore her, Adri is the subject of this That's What She Said story. I have to tell it because it is something I could do...a slip of tongue exactly like what's happened to me.

Remember how I mentioned that I was in information overload? Well, Adri was suffering from the same thing. Only when Adri deals with information overload, she tends to drop off in the middle of conversations or sentences and move on to something new. Adri was telling a group of us how this amazing blogger/photographer (lets call her H) had offered to shoot head shots for anyone who wanted them done for only $50. Adri said something along the lines of "You should see the pictures she took of me. H gave me such good head....." and then she turned and started another conversation.

I couldn't help it. I started giggling. I knew she meant head shots but she said head. Adri gave me this look like what the hell are you laughing about and I asked her if she even realized what she said. Of course, she said no and I filled her in. It amused me so greatly that I proceeded to tell the story to everyone.

On the way home from dinner that night, we ran into Anissa and I told her the story. I knew she'd appreciate it. And, in classic Anissa style, she announced "That's what we need. We need to print t-shirts that say 'I got good head from H at Type-A Con 2012." Hmmmmmm, wonder what one of those t-shirts would go for?

Please share a story or a laugh or something. It's much more fun to laugh along with someone.