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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Save Stitch

I don't know about you, but when I hear the name Stitch, I think of Lilo And Stitch. But, Stitch is also a sweet, loving dog who finally has a family that loves him and a little boy who adores him...
Save Stitch
For the first year of Stitch's life, he was neglected and abused. It got to be so bad that the mom of his teenage owner stepped in and found Stitch a new home. A lovely lady named Hollye and her family LEGALLY adopted Stitch. Since then, other people have gotten involved and have harassed Hollye and her family, have lied to the courts, and are trying to take Stitch away from his family. Tomorrow, Stitch's case goes to court. Click on that cute doggie button up above and you can read the complete story on the blog AlexandraWrote...just take your tissue with you because the story is heartbreaking.

Go like Stitchy the Wonder Dog on Facebook and follow him at  SaveStitch to show your support for animal rights. You can also get updates about the case and find out how his court date goes. Also, stop by Hollye's blog and offer her support or send her a tweet (). I am sure it will help to hear how many people support them.

UPDATE: I just stopped by Hollye's blog and found out there court date has been delayed until July 12th. Help me spread the word and help Hollye SAVE STITCH!