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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Finally took another belly pic

Does it look bigger to you?  I know Gabe is growing because of where I feel the kicks...but I swear I have trouble seeing the belly growth...LOL.

Duh...I figured out the difference. The first pic was in regular clothes while this outfit is maternity wear.


Emma said...

I recognise that t-shirt!

I love belly pics, and that's a great one. I think it's bigger... looks fantastic anyway :)

Can your boys feel their brother kicking inside you? What do they think about it all?

Hostile in Ohio said...

You look fantastic! I can't tell on the belly, but you LOOK GREAT!

Pam said...


You look FABULOUS!! Pregnancy definitely agrees with you my dear friend. :)


The Lioness said...

Definitely bigger, yes! You look so fabulous indeed!

The Barrenness said...

Cool belly pic! I can see some progress. I think I'm carrying my kid in my ass since that's where I'm gaining most of my weight.

I bought some Walmart gear two weeks ago (my first purchase too). They had some great sales so I couldn't resist. I mean, six bibs for $5? I also bought some duck booties. Can't beat that!

Unfortunately, that purchase has opened the door for a several purchases at babycenter.com. They had some good online sale prices. I bought a couple of sleepers.

Anonymous said...

Cute picture, again!

Hey, I see a difference. Looks to be popping out at the top and popping out a bit more lower. Yep, your belly is growing!

You look great!!


Lala said...

Looking good Kristin!

Jenn said...

Kristin--Looking good mommy!!! I hope you are doing well. Let's here from you again, soon!! I miss you!!