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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thank You, Thank You...I'm not worthy!

I feel like such a slackard because two lovely ladies have given me blog awards and I haven't gotten around to thanking them. First of all, I need to thank the lovely Lynn from Wistfulgirl's World who gave me the Stylish Blogger Award.
As with most of these awards, there are a few rules that go along with this. I'm not always really good at following the rules but, I guess I'll at least tell you about them (don't know if I'll manage to follow them). Here are the rules for the acceptance of the award:
  1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you the award.
  2. Share 7 things about yourself.
  3. Award 15 other bloggers.
  4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.
 So, I guess I need to  to come up with something to tell you about myself without boring y'all. I feel like I've told you just about everything and don't want to keep spewing the same stuff out.
  1. There are times when I feel like I should have done something more with my life but, honestly, I can't think of anything that would make me happier than being Vic's wife and the mother of our boys.
  2. I met Mikhail Baryshnikov when I was in college and I was in full face paint after a Duke basketball game.
  3. I am a total sap for the holidays, especially Christmas. And, the funny thing is, my love of Christmas carries over to my reading choices because I have a HUGE soft spot for romance novels set around a Christmas theme.
  4. I believe in psychic powers. Now, that is not saying I believe every store front psychic is real. Most of them are frauds. But, I know without a doubt there are people who know things they have no way of knowing. There are people in my family that seem to have this 6th sense.
  5. I once got into a huge argument with my parents because they wouldn't let me buy the bikini I wanted to buy. I was so pissed off that I actually stormed out of the house. They were so right to not let me buy it and I was so wrong.
  6. If fertility and money weren't issues, I would have gladly had 6 kids.
  7. I have a vindictive, slightly twisted streak. The eeeeevil bitch comes out if you hurt someone I care about. Luckily, for others, I rarely give into it. One year, we had a family get together down in Florida. An out of state family member said something rather rude about my husband's weight...to my husband. I was furious, livid, and out for blood. I decided to be sneaky about my payback and disguised it as a gift. I picked out the most obnoxious, irritating, want to gouge out your ear drums with a pencil toy, searched online until I found it, and sent it to him as a gift for his grand kids to use when they were at his house. I have it on good authority that the grandkids loved the toy and he was sighted stocking up on cotton ear plugs.
Now, the 15 wonderful bloggers I want to pass this award onto are...
  1. Keiko over at Hannah Wept, Sarah Laughed. Keiko is an amazing advocate for women's reproductive health. She's smart, passionate, and just plain amazing.
  2. Melissa over at Full Circle. Melissa has more patience and love and understanding in her than I could ever conceive of having. She has helped so many kids through fostering and I hope one day she will be blessed with her forever family.
  3. mommyodyssey over at her blog of the same name. I found her through one of the recent ICLWs and was instantly taken by her funny, snarky outlook on life. And, then I scrolled to the top of her blog and saw the header. BTW, mommyodyssy owes me a keyboard because her header made me spew coke all over mine.
  4. Vee over at Three Little Birds. Vee is just well Vee. She is strong, resilient, and is showing her little boy what a wonderful place this world of ours can be.
  5. Lori over at Write Mind Open Heart. Lori is a passionate advocate for adoption. She is raising two phenomenal kids. And, she has taught me so much about looking at the beauty in the little moments.
  6. JJ at Reproductive Jeans. JJ is a fabulous mom, a wonderful hostess, a damned fine writer and her husband Mook has a car I'm lusting after.
  7. Jen from EPBOT. I have a serious case of mad, geeky girl love for her. Anyone who can name her blog Experimental Prototype Blog Of Tomorrow and introduce me to the glories of Steampunk has my undying admiration.
  8. Dave from Rolling Around In My Head. Dave is an incredible writer and can paint such a vivid, moving picture with his words. He has opened my eyes to things I never thought about and I believe he has made me a better person.
  9. Suzy (and her husband Ike) from not a fertile myrtle. Suzy is all around fabulous and she makes the most gorgeous bracelets (which can be had for a steal in her Etsy shop). Suzy is truly a good and genuine person, and after her knight in shining armor post, I had to mention Ike too.
  10. Aunt Becky over at Mommy Wants Vodka. Now Becky, I know you don't usually do these awards but I want to make sure your awesomeness permeates every corner of the internet.
  11. Kym over at I'm A Smart One. Kym is finally back from her little bloggy sabbatical and I think she needs a little reminder that we know her for the true warrior she is and that we love her.  Not to mention that she is one of the most phenomenal writers I know.
  12. Kir from The Kir Corner. Kir is a phenomenal mom and is turning into a truly amazing writer. Check out some of the writing challenges she's participated in lately. There are some really incredible pieces in there.
  13. battynurse from Tales Of A Batty Nurse. battynurse is a beautiful, kind, wonderful woman and it has been truly wonderful to see her take charge of herself, her career, and her body. It's also pretty damned amazing to watch her inner sexy emerge!
  14. Shannon at Musings of a Fat Chick. It has been so inspirational watching her pursue her dreams and heart's desires. And, it makes me melt every time I read about little TA.
  15. Sandy from Between Lightning. Sandy's blog just speaks to me. She's a talented author and possesses a wry wit. She's also the awesome mommy to a truly adorable little guy.
Contacting all these lovely people will just have to wait until tomorrow later today when I've had time to sleep a bit.

I also want to thank the lovely and talented Deirdra of A Storybook World for giving me the Beautiful Mommy Writer award.


Anonymous said...

yay 2 awards!

ColourYourWorld said...

Congratulations on your awards!

Thank you so much for my award, I feel very honoured.

It's nice to know a little more about you too, thank you for sharing.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

RE #7, remind me never to get on your bad side!

You most certainly deserve these two awards. And I am honored to receive The Stylish Blogger Award and to be in the company of the others you've chosen.

Thank you, Kristin! (No noisy toys for me this year, right?)

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I would plotz if I ever met Baryshnikov. He's my childhood crush.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks Kristin! Will spread the love tomorrow

Anonymous said...

Oh! And of course, my sincerest apologies for the ruined keyboard. Shall I send you some chocolate to make up for it? :-)

Dave Hingsburger said...

Wow, I didn't think I'd ever, ever, ever, be called stylish! You know what? I like it! Thanks. I too enjoyed reading this post and learning more about you. Being part of the lives of three kids, I think I can say without contradiction that there is nothing 'better' one can do with life than nurture other life! I value my time with those kids as much (and more) than anything else I do. I am honoured by your award ... and I am also honoured by your continued and positive presence on my blog.

Sandy said...

Thank you Kristin! I'm honored! I'm especially touched to be in such amazing company.

I will write up my own post this week. You're the best! :)

battynurse said...

Thank you so much!
Don't all women have a bit of a vindictive streak to them? I know I do. I do love though your revenge. That was truly inspired.
I too believe in psychic powers and am somewhat fascinated by the whole topic.

Melissa said...

Awww.. THANK YOU!!! Ditto LL re: #7! LOL!!

Hugs to you, my dear friend!

JJ said...

Aww you are the sweetest! Thank you my beautiful friend!