"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. " -Helen Keller

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome to the home of fencecapades.

This is a new sport recently introduced to our household. The only rules of this wonderful new sport are that a 2 yr old must somehow disappear from mommy's line of sight just long enough to begin scaling the chain link fence but not so long that they get caught before they clear the fence. On his very first attempt in this challenging event, Gabe almost won.

Yes, thats right. My 2 1/2 yr old almost scaled my fence yesterday. My back porch has a large bush/tree right next to it and Gabe was on the other side of it. I was cleaning things up and could hear him talking to the dog and playing (in the dirt I thought). Something triggered my mommy radar and said go around the corner and check on him. He was so far up the fence that the top of the fence was slightly below waist level. OMG This child is truly a challenge to my sanity. He is wonderful, fabulous, smart, and wild. I think its a really good thing he was my third child and not my first. If he had been my first he might have scared me off from having any more...LOL.

Gabe capped off this adventurous day by painting with Joey. Joey was painting a tank model camouflage and Gabe was painting his own hair. He also found time to dump out two of the water color bottles (thank the lord they were small bottles) and attempted to decorate Joey's hair and arms. Miraculously, none of this paint ended up on the walls or the floors.

Here's one more for our soldiers... THE GRATITUDE CAMPAIGN...

Thanks Monnie and Undrea for bringing this to my attention.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Please take a moment to watch this...

I'm so bummed they removed this video. It was such a beautiful tribute to our soldiers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My babies are all growing up...

My oldest just graduated from 5th grade yesterday. He is now officially a middle schooler. OMG How is that even possible? He is such a great kid and I am so very proud of him. Marty has accomplished a lot this year. One of the things he is proudest of is winning the reading contest sponsored by the Carolina Hurricanes. The Hurricanes had a school system wide reading contest and Marty won it by reading over 25,000 pages in 6 weeks. My boy kicked some serious butt in that contest. Not only did he win tickets to a Hurricanes game but he also won a jersey.

It is nice to know that Marty hasn't lost his ability to be goofy as he's grown up. Take a look at his pic with his 5th grade teacher...

I am so proud of the young man my boy is growing into!

More to come...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

A kid at my sons' school brought out the mama bear in me...

My sons' school has a buddy reader program. In it, they match the kindergarten and 1st graders with 3rd and 4th graders and they all practice their reading skills. The other day, they had buddy reader recognition day. All the 1st graders wrote a poem for their buddy readers. Joey wrote his buddy reader a poem about conch shells. His buddy reader gave Joey a nice card saying he would miss him over the summer. But, then the little twit barely glanced at Joey's poem and said to him, "My dad will just throw it away because its trash." When Joey told me about this, he just started sobbing. My poor boy's feelings were crushed. I just wanted to throttle that kid. I KNOW my kids aren't perfect but I also know they would never thoughtlessly hurt someone that way. I tried to explain to Joey that maybe his buddy reader was worried his dad wouldn't understand how important it was and would throw it away and maybe he picked a bad way of explaining it. I also told him I would love to read his poem and would help him type it out so he could decorate the page and give a copy to both sets of grandparents. I also reassured him that I was sure it was a good poem because I knew he worked hard on it.

Let me tell you, I was blown away when I read it. I thought it was a good poem and not just a good poem for a 7 yr old...a damn good poem in general. This is the poem Joey gave his buddy reader...

The Conch Shell
Very hard and thin
with brown and white stripes all over
Big and small points
like stairs up a mountain
Big hole at the end
and a big point at the top

And these are the other poems he decided to write after I told him how good the first one was and how impressed I was with his work...

Bees buzzing all around
Big trees sitting still
Big grass blades weaving in the wind
Tree seedlings next to big trees

The City
Huge buildings
Busy traffic
Sirens wailing all day
Fire trucks speeding
Trucks roaring down the road
Hammers banging
and drills spinning
People living

The North Pole
Polar bears stomping
through the snow
Ice cracking
Freezing cold snow
Reindeer stomping
through the snow
Snowflakes falling
Silence everywhere

The South Pole
Penguins singing
Orcas splashing
Snow so thick and deep
Seals swimming
Penguins being born
Water icy cold
Penguins playing
Orcas fishing
Snow so thick and deep

Baseballs with sirens
Bats without handles
How can we ever play
Scissors singing
Airplanes eating
What will we do about that
Fire trucks swimming
Tanks playing game boys
How can we handle that
Bionicles playing baseball
Dogs doing construction on the Empire State Building
Silliness rules everywhere

So y'all tell me what you think of his poetry.