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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Go Duke!

picture courtesy of goDuke.com
Huge congrats to Coach K and the rest of the Duke Blue Devils. Basketball fans everywhere got treated to a spectacular tournament. The final game was truly amazing and I don't think anyone could fault the way Butler and Duke played against each other. Coach K said it best when he said, "It was a game that we won, but they didn't lose." It was nice to see such outstanding play in a year when the Final Four was populated with true student athletes and coaches who are class acts. Butler truly established themselves as major players in college basketball for the foreseeable future and they did it with players who went to class the morning of the championship game. They are true student athletes and that is something to be exceedingly proud of nowadays. Duke has a graduation rate of about 92% among its basketball players, not quite as high as it's been in the past but still something to be proud of. And, Coach Bob Huggins of West Virginia showed extraordinary grace under pressure when his star player Da'Sean Butler went down with a devastating injury. I have never seen anything quite as touching as the interaction between coach and player while he was trying to comfort Da'Sean.

It was a great tournament filled with great moments. My only regret was that I couldn't be there in Cameron Indoor Stadium with the Cameron Crazies like I was back in '91.


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Meredith said...

YAY! Go Duke!!! I am so proud of the heart that our team showed in playing. And there's a cute picture of Coach K with his family on The Chronicle website.