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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Fantabulous Christmas - Perfect Moment Monday

Lori over at Weebles Wobblog says that "Perfect Moment Monday is more about noticing a perfect moment than about creating one. Perfect moments can be momentous or ordinary or somewhere in between." And, Lori suggested I add this post to Perfect Moment Monday so I am complying :)

I hope each and every one of you had a wonderful holiday (whichever one you celebrate) with your family and friends. Honestly, this was one of the best and most exhausting Christmas celebrations in recent memory.

The kids were all thrilled with there presents and they've had a great time playing with the Wii. Yeah, we FINALLY have a Wii. I think I am as excited as the kids are. The older two didn't even complain about having to wait for the Wii to be hooked up when Gabe co-opted the television Christmas morning. My volcano obsessed boy got a volcano dvd from Aunt Jen and HAD TO WATCH IT RIGHT THAT MINUTE.

The boys had been shopping with my mom and had picked out wonderful presents for each other. They even picked out presents for Vic and me. They got Vic the GI Joe movie and they got me a knitting book. The kiddos did good! I do have to say that the best Christmas present (besides the Wii) are the tickets the boys and Vic got to WWE presents Smackdown ECW Live! See, that is not only a present for them but, it is a huge present for me. I will have between 2 to 3 hours of peace and quiet tonight...woooohooooo!

We had 15...yes, 15...people here for Christmas dinner. Somehow (certain people were a bit late, LOL), despite having seats for all, people ended up eating in shifts and that worked out wonderfully. However, I've discovered that having 15 people in my house after staying up until 2 am leaves me exhausted. I think I am just now recovering fully from Christmas day. There was a lot of love, laughter, and wonderful conversation.

My house is still a bit messy and I eventually have to find homes for the Christmas gifts but I can still saywithout a doubt that is was a truly wonderful Christmas. Even though Christmas day has come ans gone, I'm so glad we leave our decorations up through Epiphany. That means I have visual reminders of a truly wonderful day for a little while longer.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. Depending on the outcome of this latest IUI (be it negative or m/c), I will definitely ask about my ptt. I don't know if I was tested for that. I appreciate the info!

battynurse said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas. I'm glad you had so much fun.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

I love the enthusiasm of kids. And that the mess in your house is just a reminder of the perfect moments.

I'm gonna try that strategy here.

P.S. Hope you add this to Perfect Moment Monday later tonight!

JEN said...

The Wii is fun isn't it?

Alana said...

Glad you and your family had such a special Christmas.

And yay for free time for YOU! :)

Anonymous said...

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Rebel With.A.Cause said...

Glad that you guys had a great day!! I feel you on the finding homes for the new stuff!!! It looks like toysrus barfed in my livingroom, and she didn't even get that much new stuff!!! Congrats on the Wii, Clark still won't let me get one (ass)!!


Lori Lavender Luz said...


Aunt Becky said...

What a lovely Christmas. I'm so happy yours was wonderful.

Beautiful Mess said...

It took me 2 days to recover from Christmas. I had a Christmas hangover, but it was SO worth it! We had such a wonderful celebration. I'm glad you did too!

Enjoy your Wii!

Quiet Dreams said...

Sounds wonderful. Still wish I could have been one of the 15 for all those goodies. ;)

Meari said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, Kristin. I guess I take it for granted (peace and quiet) because I'm alone and it's *always* quiet. LOL

Belated Merry Christmas, and Happy 2010!