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Monday, January 26, 2009

Teletubbies, WonderPets, and International spies

I have to warn y'all up front...this is not politically correct.

My husband makes me laugh. His sense of humor is warped, twisted, and definitely not politically correct. If people heard even half of what he said, they would be convinced he was certifiable.

Do y'all remember when the Teletubbies were really popular? Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La, and Po were all the rage in the toddler set.
For a while, all was saccharine sweetness and innocence and then the big revelation was made...GASP...Tinky Winky was gay. After all, he is purple, sports the upside down triangle, and is a male who carries a purse. Well, my husband can never leave the ridiculousness alone. If Tinky Winky was gay, then Dipsy was really Dipstick and who knows what he dipped it into. Vic renamed LaLa too. She was dubbed Falalalalalalala (think the stereotypical chant of a middle eastern terrorist) and Vic said all she needed was the turban. Up until this point, I was just shaking my head at his insanity but then he started on Po. He insisted that it was obvious that Po was a communist spy. After I picked myself up off the floor and stopped laughing, I made the mistake of asking him why he thought that. Vic said, "Its obvious. Po is little, red, and speaks Cantonese. She must be a communist spy."

Now why, after all these years, am I bringing them up? Well, Vic has decided that since the Teletubbies have fallen out of favor, someone had to take over Po's duties as an International spy. And who do you suppose this woman of intrigue and mystery is? Well, according to him, it is none other than Ming Ming Duckling.
He said it is obvious that English isn't her first language...sewiously...and her name is Chinese. A Chinese name? Well, he claims she is named after the Ming Dynasty.

There you have it. Our country is still under attack by the evil minions of communism and they are infiltrating our society through our children's programming.


momofmanyblessings said...

lol thanks for the good giggle i needed it after my weekend.

Lori Lavender Luz said...

Giggling, too!

Beautiful Mess said...

HAHAHA, I love it! Vic and my husband would get along VERY well!

*Tanyetta* said...


And I can't stand baby bear from sesame street either.

Shelly- Mom Files said...

oh goodness, these husbands of ours!! Dwayne does the same thing too...silly, silly boys!

GINA and KEV said...

Your hubby is a funny one, all right!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

Ming Ming! This is sewrious!

Sassy Pie said...

Hahahahahaha!!! I almost fell out of my chair at work! "She's little, red and speaks Cantonese."

Because that's obvious!