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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Celebrate with Me

Welcome to Day 5 of Calliope's blogging summer camp. I just squeaked in under the wire...another few minutes and it would have been Day 6. Sorry about being so late but I got shanghaied into teaching at Vacation Bible School at the last minute. Between staying up late on the 4th and teaching at vbs today, I've been dead to the world.

Our assignment today is to talk about what we prefer to do on our birthday. Around le casa de Cruz, what I'd prefer and what I usually get to do are two vastly different things. See, November and December are major family celebration months here. In a 21 day period, we have 3 birthdays, our anniversary, and Thanksgiving. In my fantasy world, I'd get to sleep in as late as I wanted and there would be no squabbling to wake me up. I'd wake up to a clean house (I'd say spotless but that ain't gonna happen even in my fantasies) and a lovely champagne brunch in bed. I would be free to read or create or shop all day long and my husband and I would get to wrap it up with a romantic dinner for two. Presents are nice but that isn't the big deal for me.

In reality, I usually get a lovely little family celebration sometimes in tandem with a kid party and occasionally alone. My mom or my family always makes sure I have a cake and I usually get a few nice gifts. On the really lucky years, my mom and dad entertain the kids so Vic and I can get a night out together. Honestly, I love my birthdays just the way they are and my fantasy birthday would be so foreign that it would probably seem a little cold to me. The chaos and noise and love of my family is the perfect birthday celebration for me.


knitting vixen said...

Over here belatedly for ICLW (see my blog for apology!).

I totally agree with you about presence is more important than presents on a birthday!

I live away from my family so enjoy going to a restaurant with my fiance and our friends.

Quiet Dreams said...

Your house always sounds like it has a lot of love in it. Here's to many, many more happy birthdays for you.