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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Life From Scratch

Sometime back in late 2007 or early 2008, I was making my way back to blogging. I found my way to Melissa's blog, Stirrup Queens, and was completely hooked and felt like I had found a community I truly belonged to. Well, our brilliant and beautiful Melissa recently published her second book, Life From Scratch.
Life From Scratch is a truly amazing book. Melissa has created a book populated with characters that feel like they could step off the pages. Rachel seems like such a real person. She is someone I can imagine sitting and dishing with over a cup of coffee. Rachel's relationship with Arianna felt comfortable and familiar...like the relationship I have with my best friend. Melissa's humor punctuated the novel and made me laugh out loud quite a few times. I found myself pulling for her heroine Rachel and the end of the book left me wanting more.

The lovely Lori over at Write Mind Open Heart is hosting  the Life From Scratch book tour and she sent out a list of questions for us to focus on and to help us explore the book. Here are the ones I chose...


Did you see yourself in any of Rachel's situations or relationships? In what way? Rachel's situations differed greatly from anything I have ever experienced but I really identified with her relationship with Arianna. As I said before, the relationship reminded me of my relationship with my best friend and sister by choice. Rachel and Arianna are always there for each other whether it's a drama moment or a lets go out and have fun. They can call each other at any moment for any reason and know the other one will be there. Rachel and Arianna have known each other long enough and well enough that they are thoroughly comfortable in any situation and that is a relationship to treasure. My best friend is just like that. Even though the characters are so different than us, I love seeing our friendship and sisterhood in a book.

If you have to take up a hobby after a life changing event, what would it be? Have you ever wanted to just try something new? If I ever had to take up a hobby after a life changing event, I'd love to immerse my self in creating couture clothing. It would build on skills I have yet it would force me to learn an entirely new skill set. It would also let me look absolutely fabulous all the time!

Rachel learned more than one lesson in the course of this novel - which one impressed you most and which one could you relate to most? I think the biggest and most important lesson Rachel learned is that you HAVE to communicate your wants and needs. She discovers that one of the major reasons her marriage fell apart is that both she and her husband made assumptions about what the other wanted and they both made huge mistakes in assuming the other knew what they needed. Rachel wanted and needed time with her husband and he thought she wanted the life style his job allowed. Rachel's husband felt trapped by their life style and spent more and more time at work to support it and she thought that meant he cared more about the job than her. By the end of the book, they were both taking risks and talking about their HUGE miscommunications.

Life From Scratch was a fun, easy read that hid some deceptively deep messages. I for one can't wait to read Ms. Ford's next book.

Life From Scratch is available in both paperback and Kindle formats. Buy one to read and one to give away. Spread the fun and enjoyment.

To continue to the next leg of this book tour, please visit the main list at Write Mind Open Heart.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

I can SO see you as a couture designer. Or maybe I should say SEW.

So glad you toured with me -- great review, Kristin!

Kathy said...

Here from the book tour!

That is great that you were able to feel a connection to Rachel and Arianna's relationship because of that one that you have with your best friend. Friendships like that are few and far between and I am so glad that you are blessed to be in one.

How interesting that you would choose to learn how to make couture clothing. Very cool!

I also agree that importance of communication is such a key take away from this story and in general for relationships, especially marriages.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about Life from Scratch Kristen.

Kir said...

HI there,
Oooh if you start designing clothes can they be for Plus Size girls and can I be a model?????? PLEASE???? :)

I love how you have a best friend that is always there for you, I learned late in life (like recently) that girlfriends are important to your sanity. :)

so glad you enjoyed the book, I loved it too.

April said...

You would be an awesome couture designer. I'd be in line to buy.

I agree that communication is key. If you don't ask and you don't talk with the people in your life, then you never actually know what is actually going on.

Wonderful review!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Here from the book tour. I'm jealous of your Rachel-Arianna relationship. I wish I had a friendship like that myself. This book has definitely made me more aware of the way I communicate with my DH.

Alana said...

What a wonderful book review! I am greatly looking forward to reading this book SOON! :)

Barb said...

I love how you related to Ariana and Rachel's relationship. xoxo

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I'm now going to badger you daily to see if you've started creating couture! I love it -- I think it would be the perfect way to meld something useful with something fun.

Thank you so much for doing this.

loribeth said...

"A fun, easy read that hid some deceptively deep messages" -- what a great (& very apt) descriptiion of the book!

I would love to see some of your couture creations. : )

Baby Smiling In Back Seat said...

When I saw that you were answering the question about choosing a hobby, I tried to guess what you'd say since you already have sooo many different hobbies. I didn't guess couture designer, but I can totally see you doing it.