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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We've had a fabulous Halloween and I hope all of y'all did too. We carved pumpkins, roasted pumpkin seeds (2 flavors), dressed up in costumes, and, of course, Gabe and Joey went trick or treating.  My only complaint about the whole thing is that my lower back was aching after spending hours sitting on the floor carving pumpkins. Heh, I guess that's what happens when you decide their needs to be a pumpkin for every person in the house and one can't carve (Gabe), one picks a pattern so complicated he can't carve it himself (Joey), and one's busy at work (Vic). The split was mom carves 4 and Marty carves 1. Oh well, we had one hell of a pumpkin display.
Marty's murder victim pumpkin.
That's a butcher knife sticking into it.
Gabe's pumpkin...on Halloween it was 
puking pumpkin guts out of its mouth
My Harry Potter pumpkin.  I fracked it up a
bit when carving and had to correct it on the fly.
Joey's werewolf pumpkin.
Vic's Puss 'n Boots pumpkin

I have to send a shout out of thanks to Jen of Epbot and Cake Wrecks. I found the Harry Potter pattern and the Puss 'n Boots pattern through her.


battynurse said...

Those are so cool. I'm very impressed.

Beautiful Mess said...

Love them! SO cool! We had a puking pumpkin too, it was all Dirty and Zilla's idea. I am not a fan of carving pumpkins, but I sure do love how they look when they're all lit up.

How did Gabe's costume work out? Did he just love flying up and down the streets?

AnotherDreamer said...

Sooooo cute! I never masted the art of pumpkin carving... maybe I will take it on as a challenge next year ;) Very cool, I am totally in awe of your mad skills.

GeekByMarriage said...

Looooove them!

Kakunaa said...

Wayyyyy cool pumpkins! They are fabulous!

Jen said...

very cool!

Mrs. Gamgee said...

Oh I lurve the pumpkins!! There used to be an amazing website where I would get my patterns, but sadly due to liscencing issues they had to shut down. My favourites were the movie and tv characters.

JJ said...

Those are some awesome freakin' pumpkins!

Quiet Dreams said...

You have some serious pumpkin carving skills, woman!

..Soo.See.. said...

So cool!! The HP one is sooo cute!

Jadewik said...

Joey has good taste in pumpkin patterns. =)

Hi-- I'm the designer of the werewolf pattern that Joey carved. I think it's fantastic that he'd try to carve one of my patterns! I love seeing where they pop up on the internet. Honestly, he (or you-- hehe)did a marvelous job.

Unfortunately, "easy" pumpkin patterns aren't something I generally design-- but when he gets older, and if he feels more ambitious, you're more than welcome to use some of my other carving patterns.


I'm also always looking for new things to carve, so if you've any ideas just leave me a note over at DeviantArt.

Happy carving!

~K. Hammond