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Saturday, February 27, 2010

To Vajazzle or not to Vajazzle, that is the question

Thanks to Eileen over at WeGotHitched.WeBoughtThe4BedroomHouse.NowWhat?, I've learned about the latest in celebrity led self adornment trends. That's right ladies, put away your Bedazzlers. It's time to get Vajazzled. Led by none other than Jennifer Love Hewitt, the Vajazzling phenomenon involves getting a Brazilian Wax and then having Swarovski crystals glued to the newly shorn area.

While I'm all for freedom of expression, sexual and otherwise, I have a few problems with this idea. First of all, I have issues with the name. Obviously, the brilliant marketing minds behind this thought "Hmmm, bedazzling adds sparkle. Bedazzle + Vagina = Vajazzle. " Someone forgot to mention the bedazzler basically shoots rhinestones into/onto things. Even though that's not the way they do it, the name Vajazzle gives me an instant mental picture of them shooting crystals into me and, ummm, hell no! Second, the glue supposedly lasts 5 days. What happens when the crystals start coming loose? They aren't big enough to cause the kind of friction you want down there but they are big enough to be uncomfortable...think about how irritating grains of sand can be. Finally, we all know how uncomfortable rug burn can be. How bad do you think Vajazzle burn would be on your partner...OUCH!

If you are feeling particularly brave, you can see a Vajazzling video. Honestly, it is safe for viewing even with children around (unless you don't want to explain why someone might be getting vajazzled...hell, all I'm saying is nothing too private is shown).

So ladies, what do you think? Vajazzle or Not? Weigh in with your opinion.


Krissi said...

Yeah...I'm thinkin not!! Oh Lordy!
Hey-thanks for poppin' by my blog! Happy ICLW!

Shelly- Mom Files said...

okay so I have officially heard it all!!! No crotch embellishments for this broad!

battynurse said...

Oh my. Yeah since you have to first have the brazilian and that is likely NEVER going to happen to my girly bits I doubt I'm ever going to get Vajazzled. Oh my God. What will they think of next.

MrsSpock said...

Um, I think I will pass. I rarely even wear jewelry of the non vajayjay variety.

Anonymous said...

I think a little nair and a bit of bling would be cool once...what a surprise he would have. But as a constant NO !!!-Lisa

Rebel With.A.Cause said...

Uh OK, next time you pst something like this, add a spew alert!! I LOVED her csection scar!! Whatever will they think of next??

Love ya!!

alexis said...

This caught my Eye.. Reminds me of piercings ..lol