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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Let's hear it for the girls!

Tatas, jugs, melons, boobs, or my all time favorite boobage...If you are a women, you need to take care of the girls. This involves monthly breast exams and wearing THE CORRECT BRA SIZE. Depending on the source, estimates say that between 70 and 95 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. There are many reasons for this...weight gain, weight loss, (the holy grail of) pregnancy, not knowing how to measure themselves correctly, and the fucknuttery of the bras industry that leads to cup sizes being inconsistent between brands. If you wear above a C cup, the problems are compounded by the so called professional fitters not really knowing how to measure and fit you.

Why is she obsessing with boobage and bra fit no, you may ask? Well, I have finally found some commercially available bras in my size. I no longer have to buy custom made bras. So, I am celebrating by passing on my knowledge. I am eternally grateful to the people behind the Suzanne Collection. Thanks to them, I have been able to have a properly fitted bra over the past 6 years. However, I am not going to be sad to be able to buy 2 bras for about $80 vs. 2 bras for $160. Custom made is EXPENSIVE.

I've been dealing with boobage issues for years. Before kids, I wore a 38 DDD and now I wear a 38(sometimes 40) L. I have searched the web and found the information that will make it possible for you to have a properly fitted bra no matter what size you are. Here are some signs your bra does not fit...
  1. If the back of your bras rides up, it DOES NOT FIT.
  2. If the cups pucker, it does not fit.
  3. If your cup runneth over, it does not fit.
  4. If you are a C cup and below, the center of your bra should sit flush against your breastbone or it does not fit. (larger/heavier boobs will NOT allow the bra to sit flush against the breastbone)
If you have not measured yourself to check your bra size in the past year, its time to do it now. Bookmark this site...PlusSizeBras (this refers to cup size). Even if you think your cup size is C or below, they have FABULOUS instructions on how to properly measure yourself for a bra. The instruction page seems long but, if you actually read through it, it breaks down the steps pretty completely. Now go measure yourself. Are you back already? Seriously, GO MEASURE YOURSELF!

Now, if you are a woman who is blessed with a normal size chest (and I do consider that a blessing), your sizes won't be addressed on the PlusSizeBras site. Instead, I recommend the size chart on the *Bra Experience site. This chart has the measurements across the top and shows how the same measurements can be different cup sizes depending on the brand you buy. With this information in hand, you can safely order bras online without worrying about fit.

If you are a woman who is carrying around a large amount of boobage, check out the comparative chart on the PlusSizeBras site. This chart is fabulous and accurate. The only info I'd like to add is that many manufacturers have added larger cup sizes since this chart was updated. For example, Fancee Free now has an L cup available.

I'm going to leave you with some links and information for your enjoyment and perusal. When buying bras, remember to get the appropriate cup size for the brand you are getting.
  1. BelleAvenue - This site has some Diva worthy clothes and lingerie for the larger lady at reasonable prices. Their bra selection isn't bad.
  2. OneStopPlus - an all purpose site for Plus size women. I haven't checked out their clothes but their bras selection is GREAT and the prices are good. I heart this site because I can get a red bra in my size...woohoo.
  3. BiggerBras - They carry bras from a AA cup to an L cup and their prices are good. I'm excited because they even have a nursing bra in my size (no, I'm not pregnant)
  4. Hips and Curves - Beautiful, classy lingerie available here fort he Plus Size beauty. Some of it is risque but a lot of it is quite tasteful. It is a brilliantly put together site that has wonderful shopping/sizing tips for men.

*Bra Experience also has a chart for ladies who need prosthetics.


Lori Lavender Luz said...

You and I are on the same wave length...

Jenn said...

Thank you for sharing that!! (I am so jealous of women with boobs! Even when I gain a lot of weight I am still an A cup. Boo hoo!)

MrsSpock said...

I know I'm not wearing the right size bra, though mine aren't ginormous enough by the Plus Size Bra standards. Thanks for the measurement link!